Car Satellite Internet: Here is How to Get Wi-Fi In Your Car

Having a Car Satellite Internet can be handy, especially if your commute does not offer enough.  It is reliable and more stable than most options you will have for your car. While some cars come with …

Young Woman driving a car with Wi-Fi installed

Having a Car Satellite Internet can be handy, especially if your commute does not offer enough. 

It is reliable and more stable than most options you will have for your car. 
While some cars come with built-in Wi-Fi, in others, you will have to install everything from scratch if you need internet.

We will show you how to get Wi-Fi in your car and why you need it.

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How Do You Get Wi-Fi into Your Car?

Getting Wifi into your car has become very easy. You can enjoy car internet through a smartphone hotspot, OBD-II, or by installing a wireless modem and router unit in your car. 

Get Wi-Fi in Your Car from Smartphone Hotspot

This is the easiest way to get Wi-Fi into your car, and all you need is a smartphone and data bundles.

You then turn on your smartphone hotspot to let you tether with Wi-Fi-enabled devices.

You must sign on to your phone plan to enable hotspots and tethering. 

However, it is worth noting that not all cars can operate with smartphone hotspots. The method also drains the phone battery quickly. 

By Use of OBD-II Device

OBD-II device is another reliable way of getting Wi-Fi into your car. This device provides Wi-Fi using a 4G LTE network like a smartphone.

But it offers faster connectivity and can work with most devices, from laptops and cameras to phones. 

You will connect the device to your car’s OBD-II port which connects to driver safety features and virtual vehicle maintenance.

You will incur monthly charges to use the device. 

Permanently Installing Wireless Modem and Router

This could be the most expensive way of getting Wi-Fi into your car but the most reliable.

It is a project requiring an expert, so you must spend from purchasing the devices to the installation cost.

A router alone can cost around $200 to $600.

What Cars Have Built Wi-FI?

Several car brands now equip their cars with satellite internet technology.

Some manufacturing companies producing modern cars with built-in Internet include the Acura, Cadillac, BMW, and Buick. 

Always confirm with sales professionals if what you are about to purchase has built-in Wi-Fi. Not all the cars from the brands mentioned above have Wi-Fi installed. For instance, only modern Chevrolet and Infinity from Acura have Wi-Fi installed while 

What Provider offers Wi-Fi for the car?

Some popular cellular providers offering Wi-Fi connection plans specifically to vehicles include T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon.

Your requirement will depend on your Wi-Fi equipment, and pricing varies depending on the provider and the plan. 

In most cases, you are only eligible for a particular provider’s services or special pricing when you already have cellular service.

Some providers also offer important pay-as-you-go services, especially on long drive trips.

This plan allows you to pay for only a certain amount of data you can use at your convenience.

Starlink is one of the most affordable satellite internet offering low latency and high-speed connectivity.

To install it in your car, RV, Truck, or Van, you need to install the RV package, which will cost you around $599. 

There are two versions of Starlinks for your RV. These include the in-motion and the portable version.

In-motion is ideal if you plan to install a Starlink satellite dish on the roof of your vehicle.

This is because it guarantees a speedy internet connection than a portable Starlink for a car. 

However, Portable versions are easy to set up in almost any location – not only at the vehicle top.

However, you can only use it when you pack your car.

It can’t access the internet while driving.  

Benefits of Wi-Fi in the Car

Several benefits come with installing Wi-Fi in your car, including:


If you usually have a lot of work done on the go or just want to keep your kids occupied during a long trip, getting Wi-Fi in your car can be a great idea.

That said, it will offer you more than just entertainment; you can organize your business tasks and make notes while on the go. 

entertained in the car with Wi-Fi

entertained in the car with Wi-Fi


Installing Wi-Fi in your car can be more reliable than the entertainment system your car usually has, such as a DVD player.

Such entertainment systems can sometimes get easily damaged, but Wi-Fi offers peace of mind. 

In addition, Wi-Fi also guarantees a strong internet connection.

So, if you want reliable internet connectivity, having Wi-Fi in your vehicle is great. 

Cost Saving

If you employ different methods to get all that Wi-Fi offers in your car, you will spend a lot.

Built-in Wi-Fi in the car is just another added feature that you will have to pay extra for. 

Date Important Software

Another great thing with Wi-Fi in your car is that you are sure of up-to-date software updates.

Updating all your apps in your car is an essential activity to enhance performance and safety.

Wi-Fi on the Road-Key Consideration

When planning to install Wi-Fi or interested in purchasing a car with built-in Wi-Fi, consider the following factors:

Coverage: Wi-Fi has different coverage, so you must ensure the one you install is accessible within your location.

Charges: Even if you purchase a car with built-in Wi-Fi, you will incur other ongoing charges. 

Initial Cost: You will need a mobile hotspot and a router to set up Wi-Fi in your car. Purchasing them can be expensive, so you must consider your budget. 

How Much Does it Cost to Get Wi-Fi in Your Car?

Installing Wi-Fi in your car comes with a cost. The different methods you use to get Wi-Fi in your car determine the cost.

You can use a smartphone hotspot to create Wi-Fi for your devices, which will only require a data bundle if you already have a phone.

This is the cheapest method because there are no installation charges. 

However, you must be prepared to go deep into your pocket if you want to permanently install a wireless modem and portable router.

As mentioned, a router alone can cost $200 to $600.

Then come to the service charges if a professional is involved. 

So, Is Car Wi-Fi Worth Your Money?

You will need Wi-Fi in your car if your current commute is not offering enough.

Wi-Fi is stronger and more reliable.

In addition, Wi-Fi is necessary if you usually get bored on long trips and want something that will enable you to use the internet without taking your eyes off the road. 

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