Does Eero Work With Starlink? Setup Guide And Benefits

Looking to stretch your Starink’s coverage might lead you to ask does Eero work with Starlink. As a popular mesh home system option, Eero can cover the dead zones of your expansive home to deliver …

Internet system covering the entire home

Looking to stretch your Starink’s coverage might lead you to ask does Eero work with Starlink.

As a popular mesh home system option, Eero can cover the dead zones of your expansive home to deliver robust in-home internet. 

Eero works with Starlink to maintain your chosen Starlink plan’s strong internet connection.

 The kit comes in packs or solo devices you can set up in different areas of your home. 

Each puck serves as a smart home hub that covers 1500 square feet. Furthermore, you can use an Ethernet cable that boosts internet speed. 

How can you set it up? You’re in the right place to find out. 

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Understanding A Eero Mesh System

Assume you have an expansive area and would like to cover it with strong internet. Wireless internet is a great solution, right? 

However, wireless internet signals weaken upon hitting obstructions such as walls and ceilings. 

Therefore, you need access points that transmit signals in different sections to cover all the weak signal areas. 

A mesh system uses access points (nodes) that feed off the primary router. Each node boosts coverage up to a certain range. 

You’ll get about 1500 square feet per device for an Eero mesh device. 

First off, Eero devices connect directly to power outlets. You won’t need to wire them to each other to get more coverage. 

That means you can add more Eero devices without the risk of burdening Starlink. 

Eero can work with the first or 2nd generation Starlink dish. 

The first-generation circular dish has an Ethernet port immediately compatible with Eero mesh devices.

 However, Starlink did away with the Ethernet port in redesigning the 2nd generation rectangular dishy

Therefore, you will need a Starlink Ethernet adapter if you have the second-generation dish. 

Here’s the procedure detailing how to connect Eero to Starlink. 

  1. Unplug the Starlink router from the dish. 
  2. Connect a Starlink Ethernet adapter to the router.
  3. Connect the dish cable to the Ethernet adapter to complete the router and dish connection via the adapter. 
  4. Take one Eero device and connect it to the Starlink Ethernet adapter. One end of the cable plugs into the Eero’s WAN port, and the other plugs into the adapter’s LAN port.

Setting up Eero

  1. Download the Eero app on your smartphone.
  2. Set up the main network’s name and password.
  3. If the Eero was already connected to the Starlink Ethernet adapter, it should be on and receiving an internet signal. Therefore, the app will tell you it is connected. It will ask you the location of the primary Eero device. Select the location.
    Ensure it’s close to the Starlink router. 
  4. Your Eero app will ask if you want to connect to another device. Pick a suitable location you’d like to cover. Since one Eero device can cover about 1500 square meters, select a location close to that range as your next setup location. 
  5. Plug the next Eero into a power outlet. The app will take a moment to detect your Eero automatically.
  6. Plug the last of your Eero devices into another power outlet in a room of your choice within the desired range. 

There’s more. 

Enabling Bypass Mode

Enabling bypass mode allows you to perform functions like port forwarding

That way, you can take advantage of high download and upload speeds for activities such as online gaming and video conferencing. 

  1. Go to your Starlink app. 
  2. Select settings.
  3. Enable Bypass mode

Enabling bypass mode disables your Starlink router’s WiFi. 

You can control Eero from your phone

You can control Eero from your phone

The primary function of pairing Eero with Starlink is to boost coverage in your home or business premises. 

However, the Eero and Starlink pairing has other benefits, thanks to Eero’s simplicity. 

Eero multi-device compatibility

Eero is WiFi 5-compatible. The upgraded version, Eero 6+, has WiFi 6 capabilities. 

Therefore, the Eero is compatible with Starlink since Starlink is not yet equipped with WiFi 6 protocols. 

You can connect all your devices, including smart home gadgets, computers, and smartphones. 

Additionally, WiFi6-enabled devices have WiFi5 back compatibility.

You can pair your Starlink with Eero 6 devices to experience more safety and security features. 

You can stream high-data content

A person live streaming in their home

A person live streaming in their home

Typically, content streaming requires low latency. And while Starlink provides low latency, you might get different speeds when multiple devices are wirelessly connected to the network. 

However, the Eero device is packed with features that make it a prime candidate for streamer-friendly usage. 

One of the pros of using Eero 6 with Starlink is more coverage. Unlike the Eero, the Eero 6 — also compatible with Starlink — has 2000 square feet of coverage. 

On top of that, it is a tri-band system, two 5 GHz bands and a single 2.4 GHz band. 

One band can entirely serve your home devices that receive data. The 5 GHz bands will take pressure off the device by simultaneously sending and receiving data.

 It’s perfect for real-time responsive gaming, trading, and communication. 

With all the benefits of connecting Eero with Starlink, you must subscribe to a premium service. 

Eero Plus is a subscription service that has incentives for users. Here are some of the premium features you’ll unlock once you upgrade. 

Ad Blocking

Streaming ad-free is a superb experience. However, most services only come ad-free when you unlock a premium version. 

You can get a seamless no-ads streaming experience if you pair Eero with Starlink. Plus, the fewer ads you get, the faster your internet is. 

Advanced Security & Malwarebytes

Starlink security is complicated. 

Firstly, it comes with CGNAT, which puts you at a disadvantage when it comes to streaming. 

However, you must enable bypass mode after setting up Eero to work with Starlink. 

Yet, to unlock Eero premium features, you must turn off bypass mode. 

As a saving grace, though, you unlock advanced security features.

 Additionally, you get access to anti-malware protocols that protect your system from exterior attacks common during server-client exchange.

Weekly network activity monitoring

Setting up an Eero mesh network with Starlink needs you to monitor traffic and speeds to know performance. 

The Eero Plus subscription unlocks a monitoring feature that allows you to track where the heaviest traffic is and your network fluctuations. 


Eero Plus comes with Guardian-powered VPN protection that allows anonymous browsing on some websites.

However, the VPN feature only covers five devices. 

We’d recommend using the VPN 5-device limit on devices that visit sensitive sites. 

The best thing is you can sign up for eero plus directly on your Eero app. However, you’d have to remove the Eero WiFi system from bridge mode. 

Here’s how to sign up for Eero Plus to get premium features and use Starlink. 

  1. Open your Eero app.
  2. Press Discover.
  3. Click Eero Plus. Then click Subscribe.
  4. The app should prompt you on how to pay through your phone’s preferred payment platform.
  5. You will be notified if the subscription is successful. You can verify a successful subscription in the menu under Eero Plus. Just check Discover. 

Final Thoughts

Eero expands your network reach so you never experience dead zones around your home. 

While you can create a purely Starlink or Eero mesh network, you can fuse both and experience individual benefits. 

With an easy setup process and cool premium features when you upgrade, the Eero and Starlink network is worth all the effort.