How to Extend Starlink WiFi Range: 8 Easy Tricks

Have you been wondering how to extend the starlink WiFi range and boost your signal? There is nothing like a better half-loaf than none in WiFi. Having slow WiFi is as bad as having none. …

Have you been wondering how to extend the starlink WiFi range and boost your signal?

There is nothing like a better half-loaf than none in WiFi. Having slow WiFi is as bad as having none.

So, if you are in a situation where your Starlink WiFi connection is unstable, there are tricks you can employ to boost your internet. 

Most of the tricks we offer here involve playing around with your Starlink WiFi router, and will cost you nothing.

However, some require additional items; you may consider them if the free tricks fail. 

Your Starlink internet range will depend on many factors, such as your dish location and any obstructions, such as trees and weather conditions.

For that reason, you need to install the dish with a clear view of the sky.

That is the only way it can effectively communicate to the satellite and offer a high internet speed to your home and business. 

Satellite dish on house roof

Satellite dish on house roof

You should expect your router to provide coverage of around 2,000 sq feet (185 sq meters).

While going through interior obstacles or walls, the WiFi range can be reduced to 75 feet.

That said, several factors will affect your Starlink WiFi router range, including the router’s location, the building’s layout, and an obstacle between the device and the router. 

Considering these factors, you can creatively extend the Starlink WiFi range.

However, it would be best to remember that the WiFi range is limited, as dictated by the FCC or your country agency in charge of RF Spectrum management. 

If you are creative enough, you can try several tricks to extend your Starlink WiFi range.

However, how easy it will work depends on how far you plan to extend the WiFi.

Here is how to boost Starlink’s WiFi signal beginning with the most basic thing to do. 

Restart Your Router

You don’t have to rush into any drastic change while restarting your router can solve your problem.

Simply press and hold your router reset button until the reset is complete.

Alternatively, unplug your router from the power source and let it rest for 30 minutes before replugging it. 

Repositioning Your Router

If restarting the router doesn’t work, moving your router to different locations in your home may work.

Ideally, it would be best not to hide your router behind other objects or put it in the cabinet.

We recommend putting it in an open place, especially at the center of your home.

This will minimize interference and also balance signal strength throughout your home. 

Disconnect Unused Devices

Your Starlink WiFi router has several Ethernet ports connecting wired devices such as gaming consoles and desktop computers.

You can also connect your US storage devices and printers.

For that reason, you can connect several devices to your router simultaneously.

However, doing this sometimes may hog your bandwidth.

Eliminating devices you don’t use from your Starlink router can help improve your WiFi range.

Switch to 2.4GHz if You are on 5HGHz.

Starlink router is a dual-band router that can support both 5GHz and 2.4GHz signal frequencies.

If you can choose between the two frequencies, you will probably go for the 5GHz due to its faster internet speed and lower ping.

However, it doesn’t have a wider range than 2.4GHz. 2.4GHz can penetrate obstacles like walls much better than 5GHz, therefore a better option for maximizing your WiFi range. 

Add an Antenna to your Router

You can achieve an extended WiFi range by adding an antenna to your router, which may cost you a little.

Your router may only come with an internal antenna but try to find out from the manual if it can support an external antenna.

If it does, it is a great idea to purchase it from the manufacturer – they usually sell it separately.

The external antenna should be directional to search the signal easily. 

Use a WiFi Extender

A WiFi extender is a device that can capture a signal from your Starlink WiFi router and rebroadcast it to reach a further range than it previously was.

Therefore, investing in a WiFi extender is a great idea if your WiFi connection is not covering the entire house.

Furthermore, it is affordable and easy to install. 

Use a Mesh Network

Another great way of extending your WiFi range is using a Mesh WiFi network.

It involves using two or more router devices to offer seamless internet coverage within your home.

You only need to attach one of the devices to your Starlink router and the rest to another location in your home.

This creates multiple access points in your home.

If strategically placed, there will be no dead zone in your home.

That way, the devices work together to extend your home WiFi range. 

Replace Your Router

We have given you seven reliable ways to extend your WiFi range.

If they don’t work for you, consider replacing your router.

Better still, if you have an older router, do the replacement rather than going through our tricks.

With improving technology, the latest routers have improved WiFi range and connection speed.

Research well before purchasing to find a replacement that will meet your internet needs. 

How to Extend WiFi Range: Final Thought

Starlink routers usually have an effective WiFi range.

However, if the range is not enough to serve you in your home, there are ways you can increase it.

Before considering replacing your WiFi router, we have offered you the seven most effective ways to try.

However, you can be creative enough to come up with additional ways.

But if all the tricks don’t work, you should replace your Starlink WiFi router. 

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