HughesNet Satellite Business Class: Is It Worth it?

HughesNet satellite business class comes at a price much lower than what you can get from other satellite business plans. The plan offers a decent speed to support internet requirements in some business settings.  However, …

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HughesNet satellite business class comes at a price much lower than what you can get from other satellite business plans.

The plan offers a decent speed to support internet requirements in some business settings. 

However, it is not the cheapest satellite service you will get.

Further, it is one of the slowest satellite services available. So, is it worth considering the business internet? Let’s find out. 

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HughesNet Business Plans Pricing

HughesNet Business plans can be expensive or cheap, depending on your desired data.

The classification is based on the data bundle you get; the more data, the more expensive the plan will be.

The speed remains the same, but as you may know, the amount of data you get on a satellite internet is more important. 

That said, HughesNet business plan pricing can range from $69.99 to $199.99. Below is a breakdown of HughesNet business plan pricing based on the data you get. 

Plan Starting Price/Month ($)Total Data Usage (GB)Recommended Number of Users
Business 3579.99352-3
Business 5094.9950Up to 5
Business 75124.9975Up to 5
Business 100159.99100Up to 10

If you don’t deal with many devices or users in your small business, you can do with usage between 35 GB and 75 GB. 

However, if your business requires ten or more devices to be connected simultaneously or simply run a data-heavy internet activity, you must purchase the 100 GB data. 

What is the Speed of HughesNet Business Plans

As hinted before, the speed of HughesNet business plans is the same regardless of the data you opt for. 

We are talking about a download speed of 25Mbps and an upload speed of 3 Mbps. 

This is enough to handle several internet activities, including downloading and uploading files, supporting video calls, and even streaming. 

However, this is only true before you exceed the monthly data allotment. 

If you exceed the monthly allotment data before the end of the billing cycle, you will start experiencing a drop in speed. 

You remain connected to the internet but to as low as 1-3 Mbps download speed. 

The reduced speed is enough to handle basic internet activities such as checking email. 

It cannot handle tasks like streaming, so your clients will not be able to connect and stream Netflix. 

HughesNet doesn’t shut down its services or charge users extra for exceeding data limits. 

Instead, they reduce their internet speed to the point that they can barely run most internet services in your business.

 Always be careful how you are using your data once you purchase. Stream or connect many devices only when necessary. 

HughesNet Satellite Business Plans: Reliability and Security

Satellite internet technology is fast improving, and it is becoming more reliable.

 Compared to its satellite internet service competitors, we can consider HughesNet reliable. 

However, it is less reliable than the DSL, cable, and fiber optic alternatives. 

The distance between the ground and the satellite is the main factor affecting satellite internet. 

The distance increases the latency of the service, resulting in delays and outages. Many satellite users ignore the latency. 

However, if you need a service that supports an internet activity that requires precision, such as gaming, latency is an important factor.

Generally, the lower the latency, the better the performance. 

The company also promises data security. Even so, we cannot confirm the level of security as no encryption detail is provided on their website. 

Space satellite orbiting the Earth. 

Space satellite orbiting the Earth. 

HughesNet Satellite Business Plans Pros and Cons

HughesNet satellite can offer a reliable internet speed to run your small businesses. 

Given that it is available worldwide, it is a great option in remote areas where cable infrastructures cannot be accessed. 

On the downside, it is not fast enough compared to most satellite internet competitors. Below is a summary of the pros and cons of this service for business users.


  • Reliable WiFi connection
  • Widely available
  • Secure internet connection


  • Data and speed limitations
  • Not the fastest satellite service
  • 2 years contract

HughesNet Business Vs Top Competitors

Providers (Business Plans)Starlink Price/Month ($)Download Speed
HughesNet79.99Up to 25 Mbps
Viasat80Up to 100 Mbps
Starlink250Up to 220 Mbps

HughesNet is the cheapest option among its competitors. However, it offers a relatively lower speed.

But we have to say the speed is decent enough to run your small business. 

If you prioritize speed over affordability, you can consider an alternative. Maybe you want a service that will support a larger business. 

Is HughesNet Good for Business? Final thought

HughesNet business plan is a great option for small businesses, especially in rural areas.

 It offers a decent speed and is affordable. However, its speed is not good enough for large businesses.

 In these cases, you should consider alternatives such as Starlink, which is more expensive but much faster. 

The best option is always the cable or fiber optics. You only go for satellites when you can’t access the cable services. 

It is advisable to check all the available internet services that offer business plans in your area before you decide on HughesNet.