Kindle WiFi Not Connected: How to Troubleshoot

Your Kindle WiFi not connected can be a worry, especially if you are testing the device for the first time. The first step to getting your Kindle working is to connect it to WiFi. But …

Black e-reader with glasses on a wooden table

Your Kindle WiFi not connected can be a worry, especially if you are testing the device for the first time.

The first step to getting your Kindle working is to connect it to WiFi. But if it fails to connect to WiFi, what do you do? 

Well, we are here to help. In this article, we will exhaust every reason your device may not connect to WiFi and possible solutions to these issues. 

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What is a Kindle?

Kindle is a portable electronic device introduced by Amazon in 2007 to help with digital reading.

It is the first step to digital reading for humanity and has revolutionized e-reading for everyone since its introduction. 

You can use this e-reader device to purchase, download and read e-books, newspapers, magazines, among other digital media.

With Kindle unlimited bundles, you can access e-books and enjoy reading countless magazines, audiobooks, and other books at a fordable monthly fee. 

A woman reading a novel on a Kindle

A woman reading a novel on a Kindle

How to Connect Kindle to WiFi

To better troubleshoot this problem, you must know how to connect your Kindle to the WiFi.

The solution to this issue starts with properly connecting the device to the internet.

Thankfully, whether you are using Kindle Paperwhite or the flagship Kindle Fire, connecting them to WiFi is a breeze. 

Connecting Kindle Paperwhite to WiFi

You can Kindle e-reader to WiFi in these few steps:

  • Turn on your Kindle e-reader, then check the home screen
  • Head to settings and turn the Airplane mode off.
  • Click “All Settings” then “WiFi & Bluetooth.” 
  • You will see a pop-up WiFi panel that may have several WiFi options. Tap on your own and put in your password. 
  • Lastly, tap “Connect,” which will connect your Kindle reader to WiFi. 

How to Connect Kindle Fire to WiFi

Kindle Fire is a different line of tablet computers with a few different WiFi network connection settings.

You can connect it through the following simple steps:

  • Instead of heading to the settings menu like in the case of Kindle Paperwhite, you will simply swipe your home screen down and find WiFi or Bluetooth option. 
  • Click the WiFi setting, and it will display router name options.
  • Click on yours and fill in your password. 
  • Tap “Connect” and wait for your internet to display “Fully Connected.” 

Automatic Connectivity

You don’t have to connect your Kindle to WiFi all the time.

The device comes with an automatic connectivity feature that will be handy once you connect your Kindle to the WiFi. 

The feature tries to automatically detect a range of WiFi networks and connect to the last one.

It connects automatically, thereby saving time doing connections by yourself. 

Why is My Kindle WiFi Not Connecting

There are several factors that may hinder your Kindle from connecting to WiFi. The most common ones include:

Filling in Wrong Password: Getting your password wrong will mean you won’t be able to connect your Kindle to WiFi. 

Issues with the Network: Your Kindle will operate only when it can access a stable network. Failing to access a stable network connection may result in heaps of problems. 

Issues with the Hardware: Your Kindle hardware or WiFi router may be the source of the e-reader failing to connect. Maybe it is outdated or damaged.

Leaving your Airplane Mode On the Airplane is crucial in setting various devices. However, many Kindle users use this feature when they want to read books offline to save power. It can prevent your device from connecting if left on. 

Bug on Your Kindle Reader: Presence of a bug on your Kindle reader can also hinder it from connecting to a WiFi.

Outed Kindle software version: When running on an outdated Kindle version, it may fail to connect to WiFi.

Kindle WiFi Not Connected: How to Fix

If your Kindle e-reader fails to connect to WiFi, you can try the following steps to troubleshoot it:

Check and Turn the Airplane Off

This should be the first action to think about because it is the easiest to correct.

Users usually forget and leave their Airplane mode running, which disables internet connection. 

  • You can turn off  your Airplane mode in just two simple steps:
  • On the home screen of your Kindle, access Quick Menu by swiping down. 
  • Find the Airplane mode icon, and tap on it if it is highlighted (which means enabled). 

Alternatively, you can deactivate the Airplane mode via the Kindle setting. 

Simply go to settings then Wireless and find the Airplane mode option. Tap on it if it is on and disable it. 

Whichever option you find easier, once you disable the Airplane Mode, connect your device to a network to test it. 

Check if There is an issue with the Network

Maybe it is just a network problem hindering your Kindle from connecting to WiFi. 

If the Airplane mode wasn’t the problem, before you proceed to more demanding troubleshooting, check your network. 

Unstable networks present issues such as the “Kindle Unlimited Not Working” or grayed-out “Update your Kindle” option. 

Another way to confirm if it is a network issue is to run a speed test on your network.

If the latency, speed, and strength are optimal, then the network is not the problem.

If the values are not as expected, take the appropriate measures to improve the network. Some of the ways you can improve your network connection include:

Power Cycle the Router or Modem

Power cycling is simply a quick reboot to get the router up and running as it should. It is a system refresh when the network connection becomes slow. 

You can power cycle your router/model in these simple steps:

  • Unplug the Model or the router from power and let it rest for around 30 minutes. 
  • Press and hold your router power button for some seconds. Repeat this step a few more times.
  • Plug the router and the modem back to power and power it on. 

Once done, you can run the speed test to see if the network improves. If it is stable enough, connect the Kindle to the network and see if it works. 

Move the Kindle Closer to the Router or Modem

Proximity affects the strength of the network you get. The signal strength is likely to diminish by a fair amount when you are far from the router. 

The closer you are to the router the less interference and therefore, the better the internet connection. 

That said, bring your Kindle closer as you check the connection. Or place your router in a central location for distribution in your house. 

Modern WiFi router on a white background

Modern WiFi router on a white background

Update Your Kindle Manually

Manually updating your Kindle can help remove the bugs and several errors.

At the same time, updates will enhance the system with newer attributes and features. 

However, since we currently can’t update it through the UI, you can manually sideload the latest firmware versions through the PC. 

Factory Reset Your Kindle

If all our tips don’t work for you, consider factory resetting your Kindle.

Factory reset will return the device to its original settings and then restart it automatically. 

It clears everything you transferred or downloaded to your Kindle.

If the transferred or downloaded features were the source of the problem, flashing them off will definitely fix the connection problem. 

Here is how to factory reset your Kindle:

  • On your Kindle “Quick Action” tab, select settings
  • Tap on the device “Menu/Option”.
  • On the options, select “Reset” followed by “Rest Device”.
  • Tap “Yes” to confirm the reset.

Kindle WiFi Not Connected: Final Verdict

Our comprehensive guide on Kindle WiFi not connected should be enough to address your issues.

 If you try all of them and still don’t fix your Kindle, contact Amazon and explain the problem.

Maybe it is hardware damage that requires replacement.