Starlink App for Windows: A Step-by-Step Installation Guide 11, 10, 8, 7

If you have ever been wondering if the Starlink app for Windows is available, the brief answer is yes.  You can now download this app and use it on your PC. It works much more …

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If you have ever been wondering if the Starlink app for Windows is available, the brief answer is yes. 

You can now download this app and use it on your PC. It works much more on your PC than it does on smartphones. 

The app enjoys a reputation among those who use it on their PCs, and already there are more than a million app installations reported. 

Furthermore, if the downloading incurs issues or the official version isn’t available for PC, you can still use it on your PC with the help of Android emulators. 

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Here are the app installation methods, even if the PC isn’t available. 

Using Bluestack

This is one of the most used emulators to run macOS or Android applications on your Windows PC. 

Here is a guide on how to download/install the Starlink app on your PCs, Windows 11, 10, 8, and 7.

  • Download the Bluestack software for PC.
  • The installation is effortless. After installing the Bluestack emulator, open it. 
  • Be patient; it may take time to download the emulator app initially. Once it opens, you will see Bluestacks home screen. 
  • Google Play is preinstalled in Bluestacks; go to the home screen, find the play store, and double-click to open. 
  • Look for the Starlink app.
  • Tap the installation button, and the Starlink app will be installed on Bluestacks. 

After it’s installed on Bluestacks, you can use the Starlink app on your PC. Using the app on your PC is as simple as you use it on your smartphone. 

Having the APK file of an app allows you to easily import it to Bluestacks without the need to access the Google Play Store for installation. 

However, using the standard method to install Android applications is the best approach. 

It is important to note that Bluetooth support isn’t available on Bluestacks. Meaning apps that rely on Bluetooth functionality may not function properly. 

Start by downloading NoxPlayer from The installation is easy and fast.

Simply drag the APK file to the NoxPlayer interface and drop it to begin the installation. 

The installation will take a few seconds; once it is done, search Starlink on the emulator’s home screen. Click on it and start using the app. 

Installing Using MEmuPlay

Begin by downloading and installing MEmuPlay on your laptop. You can get this software from MEmuPlay official site. 

After installing the emulator, you can download the Starlink app. 

Simply open the MEmuPlay and go to its Google Play Store app on the home screen. Double-tap to open the Google Play Store

In Google Play, search for the Starlink app. Look for the official app developed by Starlink ISP and click on the installation option. 

After successful installation, you will find Starlink listed on the home screen of MEmuPlay. 

If you can’t download the Starlink app using an emulator, another suitable option exists.

Visit Starlink’s official landing page, then download the software.

 You can download Starlink.dmg or Starlink.exe and download your appropriate version. Then choose between 32 or 64-bit properly.

Starlink rocket launch

Starlink rocket launch


You need to check the circuit breaker first to ensure there is power supply to your router. If there is power on the router, the LED will be on. 

Reboot your Starlink by unplugging it from the administration. Please wait for 30 seconds, then plug it back in. Give it 10 minutes for the system to fully boot back up. 

It depends on Starlink coverage in the area; although standard Starlink is portable, you can only use it where there is active Starlink coverage. 

On average, Starlink users take advantage of download speeds of up to 25 to 220 Mbps and upload speeds of 5 to 20 Mbps. 

You can use over 200 devices on the Starlink clubWiFi network, but you can use over 8000 computers on the public network. 

Starlink offers its users three packages that vary in pricing. First regular Starlink package, you pay $110 monthly and an additional $559 for Starlink hardware. 

The RV package is $135 monthly and $599 for the hardware. Lastly, there’s a Starlink business package that you pay $2,500 for hardware and $500 monthly. 

Wrapping it Up

Starlink app may be known for mobile applications, but thanks to emulators like Bluestacks, Nox, KOPlay, or MEmuPlayer, you can now use it on your PC. 

Users can easily download and enjoy the Starlink app on Windows 11, 10, 8, and 7 by following the steps of each emulator as stated above. 

If you don’t prefer using an emulator, you can directly download Starlink from the official page, choosing the appropriate version (Starlink dmg or Starlink exe).