Starlink Cable Repair: 10-Step Procedure + A Neat Alternative

With plenty of Starlink installation guides, it is imperative you know the ins and outs of Starlink cable repair.  Starlink is an innovative product and service with built-to-last accessories. However, things like the Starlink cable …

A damaged cable awaiting repair

With plenty of Starlink installation guides, it is imperative you know the ins and outs of Starlink cable repair. 

Starlink is an innovative product and service with built-to-last accessories.

However, things like the Starlink cable with ethernet connector are prone to reasonable wear and tear. 

Standard Starlink cable repair requires you to snip off the damaged section, expose the color-coded wires underneath, join them in RJ45 connectors, and finish with a coupler.

You’ll need a crimping tool, wire snipping tool to cut and join the repaired section. 

Are there cleaner ways to fix a damaged Starlink cable? Find out here. 

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A CAT5e Starlink cable has color-coded wires

A CAT5e Starlink cable has color-coded wires

Starlink has distinct plans. Each plan comes with different equipment suited for its environment. However, the common factor is the cable. 

The Starlink cable is a 4-pair CAT5e cable. Deconstructed, you’ll get eight individual wires. However, they are twisted into pairs that fit into a connector. 

The cable is designed to make power over ethernet data transfer fast and lossless.

Starlink added a unique connector that guarantees reliability. 

You can replace a Starlink cable if your current one is defective or insufficient. However, your supplier options may be limited to aftermarket cables. 

Starlink doesn’t stock cables for every dish type or data plan. 

You need to check the compatibility of the replacement cable to know if it’s fit for the Version 1 Starlink dish or the second-generation dish. 

Online retailers will often have Starlink cables. However, we recommend you check the Starlink official store first. 

Knowing the type of cable allows you to make informed replace-or-repair choices. 

Here’s a quick summary. 

Plan/Dish TypeCable LengthReplacement/Extension options
Starlink Standard Residential/Starlink RV75 feet150-foot extension cable
Starlink Business/High Performance82 feetNo extension or replacement cable
Starlink Maritime/Flat High Performance26.2 feetNo extra cable
First Generation Circular cable100 feetAftermarket cable extensions. No options from Starlink

You will need the following items to repair a damaged Starlink cable successfully.

  • Wire cutter
  • Wire stripping tool
  • Cable crimping tool. (Most crimpers have a wire cutter and stripping section)
  • CAT6 connectors
  • CAT6 coupler
Using pliers to cut cable

A CAT6 coupler showing color code presets

  • Wire nuts


  1. Unplug the Starlink router from power. Remove the defective cable from the router. 
  2. Check the entire cable to know what parts you must repair. Any bent, crushed, or twisted parts also need your attention. We recommend you replace a heavily damaged cable(a cable damaged in too many sections).
  3. Cut both sides of the ruined area with the wire cutters. However, cut a few inches past the damaged areas. It ensures you have functional wires to work with when joining them to the connectors
Using pliers to cut cable

Using pliers to cut cable

  1. Undo the exposed part of the cable. Cut away the coating. Then separate all the wires. The paired wires, grounding wire, foil, and plastic shielding should be visibly apart. Ensure all interior wires remain uncut. 
  2. Untwist the four color-coded wires. Use the wire stripper to remove the insulation. ¼ inches of insulation should leave you enough workaround wire. Leave the ground wire separate and untouched. 
  3. Arrange the color-coded wires in a T568B format, left to right. Here’s a quick color-separating guide. Use this guide to insert the exposed ends of the wire into the RJ45/8P8C connector.
  • White-orange
  • Orange
  • White-green
  • Blue
  • White-blue
  • Green
  • White-brown
  • Brown

This connection leaves out the grounding wire.

  1. Place the RJ45/8P8C connector into the crimping tool and secure the wires into place.
  2. Repeat steps 4 to 7 on the other end of the damaged cable. Maintain the wiring and crimping order. 
  3. Line both connectors and lay them into the CAT6 coupler. The coupler is a device that lets you connect two ethernet connectors. It has two ends that join the cable and enables proper connection. 
  4. Connect the ground wire with the wire nuts. 

The above procedure will give you a functional, repaired cable. However, it leaves the fixed section vulnerable to water damage. 

Furthermore, it’s not the most aesthetically pleasing outcome. 

You can solve the water damage vulnerability if you place that repaired section into a waterproof enclosure.
(Warning: The waterproof enclosure is bulky.)

Therefore, let’s see if there’s a cleaner way to repair a damaged Starlink cable. 

You will need the following items for this alternative Starlink cable repair method.

  • A rotary tool, such as a rotary cable stripper, for trimming back the wire. 
  • An ethernet junction box. 
  • Copper tape


  1. Cut the damaged section of the wire.
  2. Put one end of the cut section in your rotary tool. Spin it and pull off the plastic sheath. We recommend cutting off about 3 inches of the sheath.
  3. Separate the color-coded wires and the grounding wire.
  4. Cut off the silver-colored conductor separator.
  5. Take the ground wire and bend it towards the sheath. Attach it to the sheath and wrap it on the plastic sheath with conductive copper tape. 
  6. Open the Ethernet junction box/ CAT6 Inline coupler. One side of the box has a color code that guides how to lay the color-coded wires. Pick either A or B.
  7.  Use a punch-down tool to lay the exposed color-coded wires in the preferred layout(either A or B). The punch-down tool is super effective since it punches in the wires into their respective marked slots while snipping off the loose ends. 
A technician using a punch-down tool

A technician using a punch-down tool

  1. Screw shut the box. 

“But what happens to the ground wire,” you ask. 

Well, the copper tape touches the box, so the ground wires still have a connection. 

And that’s it. You have repaired a damaged Starlink cable using an ethernet junction box. 

This method eliminates the need for wire nuts and achieves a much cleaner aesthetic. 

CAT6 couplers can cost as little as $10 for a single unit. They can cost less if you buy in bulk. 

Repairing a damaged Starlink cable is better and more practical than replacing one if the damage is within a small area.

  • It is more affordable.
  • You can do it quickly.
  • You don’t need to wait for a replacement cable from Starlink.
  • You keep the original Starlink cable. 

However, if your cable gets irreparable damage or gets damaged in multiple sections along its length, we recommend replacing it. 

You can get a longer version of the cable from the Starlink store. 

Contact Starlink support and ask for assistance. They can help you pick the best replacement cable for your dish according to your Starlink plan. 

Final Thoughts

Starlink cables can incur damage at any time by accident. However, every damaged cable doesn’t require replacement. 

With a few handy tools and a little connection know-how, you can DIY your Starlink cable back to functionality in no time. 

The above guide is easy to follow and guarantees great results if it’s done right. 

However, if the damage is too extensive, the Starlink shop has replacement cables.