Starlink Chimney Mount: Everything You Need to Know

About Starlink Chimney Mount, The highest point of your roof may not be sufficient to mount your Starlink dish, and this is where the chimney mount comes in. A chimney mount will help you extend …

Starlink dish on a roof chimney

About Starlink Chimney Mount, The highest point of your roof may not be sufficient to mount your Starlink dish, and this is where the chimney mount comes in.

A chimney mount will help you extend the height beyond the roof.

This type of Starlink dish mounting is becoming popular because it is easy to install and works well for most people. 

Besides, you use existing structures to acquire more height for your dish, saving you money. 

We are going to show you everything you may need to know about Starlink chimney mount, from how it works to how to install it and more.

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Starlink chimney mount involves using an existing chimney structure to secure a mast for mounting your dish

Chimney mount kits come with all the necessary hardware to attach the pole, including a 12-foot steel strap, strap bolt, and a U-clamp

You wrap the strap around your chimney. For that reason, it is important to measure the circumference of your chimney to ensure you purchase a strap that will go around.

Once you fit the straps, fasten them, then attach the bar on which you will mount the dish.

However, your chimney has to be compatible with the mount for this project to work.

Installing a chimney mount is usually simple, and anyone can do it. We offer you a guide for DIY installation. 

However, it may slightly differ depending on the type of chimney and the holders. 

For instance, you may use straps, chimney brackets and a pole. Make sure you read the manual and follow the right procedure.

We will show you the simplest one, where you only use a holder and a mast. That said, here are the items you need:

  • Chimney holder: Secure the dish mast to the chimney. You also require a pair in most cases.
  • Mast: The vertical support you will use to raise your dish beyond the roofline.

The first step is to measure the length of your chimney. Then put two marks up the chimney wall, where you will secure the straps. 

Spacing will depend on the height of your chimney. But make sure the top strap is as high on the chimney as possible.

Securely attach the chimney holders around the chimney where you made the marks. 

Extensions where you will mount the mask should protrude, as shown in the diagram. Make sure you tighten the bolts firmly.

Chimney holders for securing the mast and the dish

Chimney holders for securing the mast and the dish

Put the mast against the extended parts and bolt it using U-clamps.  Now you have the mast where you will mount the dish, as shown below. 

Chimney holder for mounting Starlink dish

Chimney holder for mounting Starlink dish

Ensure your final installation with the dish in place is stable and the dish well positioned. Here is how the whole thing should look like. 

Starlink dish installed on a chimney

Starlink dish installed on a chimney

The type of Chimney You have

The type of chimney you are having will even determine the requirements.

 For instance, if you have a masonry chimney featuring a metallic liner, you will have to look for a mount specifically designed for this type of chimney. 

For a stone or brick chimney wall, you will need a universal mount to help secure the dish on the side of the structure. 

Feature of the chimney holder the Mast

The straps/holders you use for securing and positioning the mast and the mast itself should be sturdy, corrosion-resistant, and weather resistant.

 It should be easy to install, adjustable, and meet your needs.

Installing Starlink chimney mount may be simple, but you must be keen for a better result. Some of the key tips for safe installation include:

Read the Manual

Before mounting your dish, you must thoroughly read through the manual. The Starlink manual contains all the information required for proper installation.

 Strictly following the instructions will help prevent any potential damages during the installation.

Measure Twice

Accurate measurement during installation is very important, so you need to double-check. If the installation involves drilling a hole, ensure you do the correct measurement. 

You also have to measure correctly to ensure accurate spacing of the straps.

Place the Straps Securely

You have to securely place the strap to ensure optimal stability for your installation. 

Advantages of Having a Chimney Mount

The main advantage of the Starlink chimney mount is that it offers a better view of the sky because you will mount your dish at the highest point of your roof.

 If you raise your Starlink internet antenna high, you avoid obstruction and therefore have better reception of the signal.

Furthermore, the installation is adjustable. You can easily adjust it for a better signal reception any time you want after installation.

The chimney mounts are easy to install compared to roof installation. It is just securing a pole on a chimney using a strap. 

You don’t have to spend a lot of time drilling holes like in the case of roof mount installation.

Lastly, Starlink chimney mounts are multipurpose. It will offer you a space to install even your TV antennas or HAM antennas. 

Can the Strap Damage Your Chimney?

No, there is no risk of damaging your chimney. All you need to do is to use the right material and carefully follow instructions during installation. 

If you use subpar material or are not keen on instructions during installation, the strap may damage your chimney over time. 

It is all about doing things right during installation.

The cost of the items used in Starlink chimney mount may widely vary depending on your requirements and where you purchase them.

 You will need strap kits, chimney brackets, and a mast. Your Starlink dish has a mast, but it might not be long enough, so you must purchase a new one. 

That said, you will get standard aftermarket models at affordable prices. Just research and compare prices to get affordable options with good quality. 

As mentioned before, poor-quality straps may damage your chimney after long use. 

Starlink chimney mounts can be very helpful for Starlink users who want to have their dish installed at the highest point of their roof for a clear view of the sky. 

It has many benefits, mainly improved signal reception through your dish antenna. 

Hopefully, our comprehensive guide, from installing the strap until you mount the dish, is helpful. If you have any questions, you can leave a comment.