Starlink Connection Issues: The Causes and How to Fix Them

You can experience Starlink connection issues just like you would with any other internet service.  Starlink disconnection is becoming a common problem of late.  Lack of internet or a slow internet connection is one of …

Starlink equipment setup concept

You can experience Starlink connection issues just like you would with any other internet service. 

Starlink disconnection is becoming a common problem of late. 

Lack of internet or a slow internet connection is one of the most annoying things you would want to face. 

Thankfully, SpaceX, which owns Starlink, designed its equipment as plug-and-play devices. 

This article identifies some of the common Starlink connectivity issues and possible solutions. 

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Starlink Internet involves the beaming of data through radio signals in space.

The ground stations broadcast signals to the Starlink satellites, which are in low Earth orbit

The satellites then relay the data to Earth for users to access via Starlink antenna. 

Ideally, the antenna tracks the satellites and automatically connects to the closest ones in orbit. 

From the dish, the signal moves to your router via cables from where you can wirelessly access it.

The cable also transmits current along with internet signals.

Starlink satellite train orbiting the Earth  

When the “Starlink Disconnected” error pops up, there is no communication between your dish and the router. 

This can result from a power outage, a defective router, or a tripped circuit breaker. 

That said, the “Starlink Disconnected” error means there is an issue with your hardware. 

Another common message you will receive when the connection issue originates from hardware is an “unplugged/rebooting” error.

 It also means there is no connection to the Starlink dish. 

Faulty Connection

One of the main issues that can make your Starlink app shows a disconnection error is a faulty connection. 

Faulty connections may hinder signal transfer between the router and the dish, making your app read “Starlink Disconnected.” 

The most common cause of faulty connection is faulty or damaged cable.

 From our experience, the recent Gen 2 dishes are more prone to this issue than the Gen 1 as more cases are reported late than during the beta phase. 

Fixing Faulty Connection

Fixing a faulty Starlink connection is rather straightforward. The connector is the most common cause of this problem. 

Check it and ensure it is properly seated on the mast; otherwise, gently realign it, ensuring it doesn’t break. Then unplug it from the router and check for damages. 

You should also inspect the router. Try placing it in a different position and see if that will solve the issue. 

Firmware Issue

This is a common problem during first-time setup. Usually, when setting your Starlink up for the first time, it will require around 30 minutes to install the latest firmware. 

However, this is not an issue that only sets in immediately after setting up the system. 

Your Starlink firmware can get outdated in the course of use as well. 

If you initially receive flawless internet, then suddenly the connection drops and the system keeps disconnecting; outed firmware is a possibility. 

How to Fix Firmware Issue

If the firmware results from setting the Starlink for the first time, just give it 30  minutes after you power it on.

The system will install the firmware automatically, which will only take 30 minutes. 

If it results from outdated firmware, you will need to update it. In most cases, this issue gets auto-fixed by SpaceX.

However, the update sometimes fails, and the system remains in the old software version. 

That said, you can update your Starlink by yourself through the following process:

  • On your web browser, enter your Starlink router’s web interface IP address, then offer your credentials. 
  • Navigate to the “System” or “Firmware” section, where you will find the firmware update.
  • Download the update if the new version is available. Note that Starlink updates its firmware weekly, so if it is unavailable, you will have to wait for the next update. 
  • Once you download the update, you can start the installation to update the software. Just follow the instructions offered on the screen to complete the update. 
  • Depending on the internet connection and the size of the update, it can take several minutes. Just be patient and wait for the update to finish. 
  • Once the update is complete, log into the router interface to check router settings to ensure they haven’t been reset. 
  • Then check the connection to ensure the internet is working correctly.

Unplugged/Rebooting Error and How to Fix it

The error mostly occurs when your system is in the process of rebooting from either a power outage or an update. 

The error message can also pop up as a result of a defective cable, dish, or router. 

Here is how to fix it:

You can try rebooting the system. Unplug the router AC power code and leave it for 30 seconds then plug it back.

Starlink booting time is not long, and you will wait for less than one hour.

If the booting doesn’t work, check the cable. Inspect the entire length. You can disconnect the cable at the router and reconnect it. 

You can experience disconnection even when everything seems okay with your Starlink hardware. 

Several factors may hinder your device from accessing, resulting in “Starlink connected no internet” issues. 


Obstructions such as trees, buildings, hills, or even cloud cover can stand in the way between your Starlink and satellite.

In this case, you will receive a notification like “Offline-No Signal Received.” 

 Depending on what causes the obstruction, this error can come and go, like in the case of cloud cover.  

If it persists, check your Starlink app and try adjusting the position of your Starlink dish.

If that doesn’t solve the issue, you can try other options such as rebooting your system. 

Satellite dish with a clear view of the sky

Satellite dish with a clear view of the sky

As mentioned before, Starlink antennas constantly track and connect to satellites automatically. 

But since the satellites are in orbit, they can lose connection. In this case, your Starlink app will show a “ Starlink Offline Searching” error message. 

In most cases, it only takes a few minutes to establish a connection again.

But if the error persists for more than 30 minutes, you may reboot it and give it another 30 minutes. 

If the wireless connection doesn’t work after trying all our suggestions above, consider Starlink connect setup.

 The router comes with an Ethernet port for external device connection. 

However, you will need a Starlink adapter where you will connect other devices once the port on the router is already used. 

Plug off the dish cable from your Starlink router port and plug it into the Ethernet adapter port. 

Then securely connect the adapter to the router. You will connect the other end of the Starlink adapter to your desired device. 

If you tried all the tricks we have discussed and the issue still persists, you can contact the support team. 

Just log in to their website, and the contacts are readily available or contact them via the app. 

If your dish is still under warranty, they will help you get a new cable, dish, or router depending on the issue they will find. 

Final Thought

It is not easy to operate an internet service without encountering problems. And just like any other service, Starlink has its own share of connection issues. 

However, this should no longer be unknown as we have discussed some of the causes of the Starlink internet connection and possible solutions.

Hopefully, our guide was helpful.