Starlink Connector: Types and Where To Get Replacement Cables

The Starlink internet service is awash with innovative features, a standout being the Starlink connector.  While there are so many Starlink accessories, the Starlink connector is a vital piece that could render your equipment unusable …

Different cable connectors

The Starlink internet service is awash with innovative features, a standout being the Starlink connector. 

While there are so many Starlink accessories, the Starlink connector is a vital piece that could render your equipment unusable if it becomes janky. 

Starlink connectors connect other essential equipment to your Starlink system to optimize your user experience. 

We delve into the role of each connector in a Starlink system and how you can maintain them to get the best service. 

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Starlink’s technology is anything but average. It has unique equipment that complements the purpose of the service. 

As such, even its connectors are unique. 

Starlink uses two main connectors, Starlink Ethernet and a Starlink Cable connector. 

You’ll be hard-pressed to find these connectors anywhere else apart from official Starlink sources. 

Wired connection into a router

Wired connection into a router

The Starlink kit has a dish, router, and a 75ft cable. However, the router is a wireless device. 

It would be inconvenient if you wanted to connect wired devices to the router. 

Therefore, the Starlink ethernet connector is a vital part that creates a wired connection to the router. 

The ethernet connector for Starlink adds peripheral devices, such as printers or monitors, that require a wired connection. 

Also, you can use an ethernet connector to connect third-party routers and other devices that boost your online security and performance. 

Starlink comes with its own Ethernet cable. However, did you know you can use a CAT6/Cat6E cable to experience faster speeds and shorter latency?

Here’s a quick connection guide to extending coverage. 

  1. Unplug the power cable where it plugs into the Starlink router. 
  2. Unplug the Starlink dish’s cable from the router.
  3. Plug the official Starlink store Starlink Ethernet adapter into the Starlink router. The adapter’s connector goes where Dishy’s cable connects. 
  4. Now, connect the dishy’s cable to the Ethernet adapter. 
  5. Plug the router back into the power supply. 
  6. When the boot sequence is successful, you can enjoy faster speeds and a wired connection courtesy of the CAT6/CAT6E Ethernet cable. 

Additionally, an Ethernet cable connection gives you the following benefits. 

  • Data safety: Starlink is enabled with CGNAT, which promotes online data safety. However, a cabled connection provides robust data security. Using Ethernet cables to create a wired mesh network can boost coverage AND provide stronger data safety standards.
  • Lossless data transfer: A wired connection provides less data attenuation during transfer. The insulation reduces electromagnetic interference, which would otherwise lead to data corruption or signal loss. 

Cables’ quality will deteriorate over time. Also, cables can accidentally get damaged. Damaged cables need replacement. 

That’s where Starlink cable connectors come in. 

The Starlink cable connector isn’t just for damaged cables. 

While the primary use for the cable connector is replacement, you can also use it to lengthen the original 23-meter cable included in the Starlink kit. 

For example, accessories such as tower and telescope pole mounts and mesh systems might demand a cable extension. 

On that same note, you may need to reduce cable length to curb the risk of tripping. 

Starlink dish with a visible Starlink cable 

Starlink dish with a visible Starlink cable 

The Starlink Ethernet cable features a proprietary connector. 

Each end is designed to fit into its respective slot. 

As such, you must order for a replacement cable from the Starlink official shop.

 However, you can also get connectors from two original Starlink cables and connect them manually. 

Fortunately, you can get Starlink cable connectors at electronic stores. 

You’ll use the cable connector to connect two pieces of a Starlink cable. 

Here’s an easy-to-follow procedure. 

  1. Turn off your router and dish. Disconnect the router from the wall power outlet. 
  2. Unplug the cable that connects the Starlink dish to the router.
  3. Use diagonal cutting pliers to cut the connector from the cable that connects to the router. Ensure the cutting pliers don’t damage any wires in the cable.
  4. Remove between half an inch and 1 inch of insulation from the original cable and replacement/new cable.
  5. Expose and isolate the inner wires. Isolate them by color, e.g., red, black, and white. Repeat for both cables. 
  6. Match the wires by color on each cable. 
  7. Twist similar colored wires together. 
  8. Carefully cover each pair of exposed joined wires with electrical tape. However, we recommend using heat-shrink tubing once you ensure the connection works
  9. Plug the cable into the router. 
  10. Replug the router into the wall power outlet and wait for the bootup sequence. 
Technician using crimping tool for RJ45 connector

Technician using crimping tool for RJ45 connector

While the Starlink cable is unique to the Starlink kit, you can use a different cable connector to set up a Starlink wired connection. 

One of the most common cable connectors for Starlink is an RJ45 connector

RJ45 connectors are common for ethernet cables since they fit into most wired devices. 

Standard Starlink cables don’t use RJ45 connectors, so using this connector should be a temporary DIY before getting a replacement cable. 

As shown by this user, you can fix an RJ45 connector to accept a wired connection that works with Starlink. (Caution: Use this DIY if you have extra cables)

  1. Cut off the ends with the original Starlink Ethernet connector and the replacement cable. A wire cutter should give you a clean cut.
  2. Peel off the protective coating from each cable. The Starlink cable has color-coded wires and grounding wires.
  3. Unravel the four color-coded pairs, peel off their insulation, and leave out the grounding wire. Use a wire stripper. 
  4. Arrange the color-coded wires how they will fit into the RJ45 connector. 
  5. Insert the wires into the RJ45 connector.
  6. Use a crimping tool to set the wires firmly into the connector. 
  7. Repeat the process on the replacement cable. 
  8. Plug one end of the ethernet cable into one end of a Cat6 coupler, then add the replacement end into the opposite end of the coupler. 
  9. Rejoin the grounding wire and ensure there are no exposed sections.

An ethernet adapter is vital to creating a working wired network using the Starlink router. 

Still, you cannot use any regular adapter specifically for Starlink. 

Starlink has its Ethernet adapter designed to work with its proprietary connector cable. 

The best part is that you can get an Ethernet Adapter for Starlink from third-party vendors. 

We recommend getting the Ethernet adapter for Starlink from the Starlink website. 

It makes it easier to raise a complaint if you get one with defects. 

Starlink has a friendly policy towards replacing Starlink accessories that work with Starlink.


The Starlink kit includes a cable that uses a unique connector. If damaged, the connector can limit the functionality of the cable. 

The best option would be to get a replacement cable from the Starlink website. 

However, you can DIY your way into a modified cable with an ethernet connector before getting a new cable.