Starlink Dish Size: The Exact Measurements and Why It is Important

Starlink dish size is a very important factor to consider especially if you are planning to do a DIY installation or building a custom mount. It can help you plan your project more efficiently.  I …

Starlink Dish Size

Starlink dish size is a very important factor to consider especially if you are planning to do a DIY installation or building a custom mount.

It can help you plan your project more efficiently. 

I am going to unveil the most commonly requested dimensions by some ambitious DIY enthusiasts.

We did our measurements accurately by hand on every type of Starlink dish, mast, and base. Just read on to learn. 

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You can determine Starlink dish sizes by their diameter, in the case of the round dish, or length by width, in the case of the rectangular dish. 

Starlink residential can either be round or rectangular (sometimes described as square). 

This is the first generation of Starlink dishes introduced in October 2020.

With a diameter of 23.2 inches (58.9 cm), this dish also guarantees a great signal reception if well placed.

The dish dimension is 11 inches (28 cm) in length and 4 inches (10 cm) in height.

Round Starlink dish on the floor

Round Starlink dish on the floor

From November 2021, SpaceX started replacing the original round dish with smaller rectangular ones.

The standard rectangle dish only measures 19 inches in length and 12 inches wide (50 x 30 cm). 

Rectangular Starlink dish

Starlink RV dishes are rectangular and have similar dimensions to that of standard rectangular Gen2 residentials.

You can refer to the values we indicated for standard regular dishes to know how big the RV dish is. 

In 2022, Starlink introduced a rectangular High-Performance dish with even greater capabilities than the standard rectangular one.

You can configure the High-Performance dish and use it for residential purposes.

However, you can enjoy its full potential when you use it for commercial purposes because you don’t compromise its speed capability. 

These dishes are more expensive and a little larger than the standard Gen 2 dishes. They measure 22 inches long by 20 inches wide.

The company also offers flat High-Performance RV dishes of the same size. 

Dish Mast Measurements

Starlink dish mast dimensions seem to be similar across the board. The mast features two sections with different diameters. 

The wider section, which is 200 mm in length from the base, has a diameter of 1.50 inches.

The rest of the length, which is around 55 mm, has a diameter of 1.34 inches. The total mast length is 255 mm.

The mount base has four feet, each measuring 22 inches long and 12.8 inches thick.

It is 4.75 inches tall if you measure its tallest section which is in the middle. 

The mounting holes have an extended shape with dimensions 0.60 inches high by 0.26 inches wide.

This is enough for an M6 bolt or ¼ inches screw to fit perfectly.

The spacing between the feet on the longer section is 21.5 inches. The shorter section is around 12.25 inches.

There is a central hole where you fit the Mast with 1.35 inches diameter. 

If you need a hole through your wall for the cable, you will drill around a ¾ inch.

This is enough for 0.6 inches cable at its widest point. The rest of the length is only 0.27 inches in diameter. 

Starlink dish size matters because it directly affects the capability and performance of the dish when it comes to signal reception.

Here are the main reasons most people inquire about the size of Starlink dishes.

Proper DIY installation

If you want to carry out the dish installation by yourself the first thing you should know is the size of the dish you are purchasing so that you prepare adequately for the project.

Knowing the measurement will help get the right Starlink dish mount as well as ensure proper positioning and alignment of the dish.

Compatibility issues

Starlink sometimes requires a specific dish size for optimal performance in some regions.

These specific requirements are often based on the signal strength in a particular region.

To ensure compatibility with Starlink in your region, we suggest choosing a dish that meets the recommended size specification.

Signal Strength

The size of the Starlink dish can impact its signal strength. Larger dishes are capable of receiving weaker signals more effectively than smaller ones.

That said, if you live in areas with weak signals, you will require a larger dish. Just find out which size can best serve you in your region.

The company will guide you when making purchases. 


Knowing the measurements of your Starlink dish enables you to verify if the dish is properly.

It is also an important requirement when reaching out to a professional installer for help.

It makes them better understand your dish and gives you appropriate guidance. 

Starlink dishes don’t maintain a fixed orientation but require a clear view of the sky for better communication with the satellites.

To be precise, you need not less than 100 degrees of unobstructed space around the dish. 

The Starlink dish is not that large, and it gets smaller with the newly invented versions.

According to SpaceX, the new dishes will be as small as 11.4 inches by 9.8 inches, which is almost the size of the Apple MacBook

As of now, we can say the smaller Starlink dish is the Standard rectangular (Gen 2), which measures 19 inches by 12 inches.

However, we should expect a smaller version soon according to the company. 

There you have it! Starlink dish size is a very important factor to consider when purchasing the service.

If you are planning to install Starlink dishes by yourself, you now know what to expect.