Starlink Ethernet Adapter: The Full Installation Guide To Improve Speed

If you’re a first-time Starlink satellite internet user, you must wonder why you need a separate Starlink Ethernet adapter.  The Starlink Ethernet Adapter is an add-on to the 2nd Generation Starlink satellite dish. It acts …

Multiple Ethernet cables in a router

If you’re a first-time Starlink satellite internet user, you must wonder why you need a separate Starlink Ethernet adapter. 

The Starlink Ethernet Adapter is an add-on to the 2nd Generation Starlink satellite dish.

It acts as a Wi-Fi extender when wireless speeds are slow and increases speeds by switching you to a wired connection. 

What is it? We’ll show you how to install it, troubleshoot a faulty one, and the best alternatives to get a new one.

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You can connect a switch to an Ethernet adapter

You can connect a switch to an Ethernet adapter

Unlike the new generation router, the first model router had an Ethernet port. 

However, it costs the developer, Space X, a big chunk in production costs. Additionally, it was prone to water infiltration. 

Therefore Starlink’s solution was developing a  new generation router with no Ethernet port. 

Instead, users would get an Ethernet adapter they could replace if it got damaged. Also, the kit was less prone to water infiltration.   

Starlink uses wireless connectivity. However, the wired connection is better for activities that need faster speeds.

The adapter allows you to use an Ethernet cable and momentarily opt out of using wireless connectivity. 

Adapter is connected to the Starlink Wi-Fi router and second-generation Starlink dish. 

The adapter converts electric signals from the dish into digital signals in formats that connected devices can understand. 

These signals go through the Ethernet port to the Ethernet Adapter and then to connected devices. 

Connecting a switch lets you connect multiple devices to the Ethernet adapter.

Alternatively, you can connect your device directly to the adapter and enjoy the fast wired connection without relying on wireless connectivity. 

Direct Ethernet cable to laptop connection

Direct Ethernet cable to laptop connection

Connecting the Starlink Ethernet Adapter is a simple DIY you can complete in no time. 

Get the adapter from Starlink. It’s a proprietary product with no aftermarket version. 

Check the bottom of your router for two ports. One is a power supply port and the next one is for antenna attachment. 

Unplug the smaller attachment on your left. (the parallelogram-shaped attachment)

Take the cable from the Ethernet adapter and pop it into the antenna slot. You’ll know it’s firmly secure when you hear a click. 

Take the cable coming from the dish. Push the connector into the adapter port until you hear a click. 

Congratulations, you successfully connected your Starlink Ethernet Adapter.

You can now plug an Ethernet cable and connect it to your device to get higher speed from wired internet. 

Starlink Ethernet Adapter: Technicians installing RJ45 Ethernet connector cables

Technicians installing RJ45 Ethernet connector cables

Firstly, buy the Ethernet Adapter. This installation procedure shows you how to set up the Starlink Ethernet Adapter based on the assumption you already have the adapter. 

  1. Find the main Starlink Router connected to the 2nd Gen Starlink dish. 
  2. Flip the router to reveal the power supply cable and the dish cable.
  3. Unplug the power supply cable from the router. 
  4. Take the adapter cable and slot it into the dish cable slot. The connectors are similar, so you don’t have to worry about incompatibility. 
  5. Your Ethernet adapter has a similar port for the dish. Plug the dish cable into the Ethernet port. 
  6. Now that the Ethernet adapter is connected to the router and the dish reconnect your power supply. 
  7. The router should power on. Allow it to find a stable connection. If it fails to find a stable connection, follow our Starlink Reboot procedure. 
  8. Connect an Ethernet cable to your router or directly to your computer to check if you are getting a stable wired connection. 
Starlink Ethernet Adapter: $25 cash bills

$25 cash bills

The Ethernet Adapter is exclusively from Starlink. To get it, you must have the Starlink smartphone app. 

Option 1:

  1. Open the Starlink app. 
  2. Go to Your Account.
  3. Go to the button labeled ‘VIEW SHOP.’
  4. The shop will open in a browser. 
  5. Scroll down past the other accessories to where you find the ‘Ethernet Adapter’ with the price indicated. It should be about $25. 

Option 2

Although the best place to buy a Starlink Ethernet Adapter would be from the Starlink shop, you can get it from third-party retailers.

Big-name online stores such as Amazon and eBay stock these adapters. 

They get the adapters from Starlink and slap a slight markup. The price might be higher, but the quality would be the same great quality.

We recommend buying from these retailers if you need the adapter urgently.

Note: Buying the Ethernet Adapter from Starlink entitles you to a full refund plus shipping costs after a 30-day trial if you are unsatisfied with the adapter. 

Starlink Ethernet Adapter: A Technical Glitch

 A Technical Glitch

Technical hitches are common during setup and after you use a product.

If your Starlink Ethernet Adapter isn’t working, you might have a connection problem or a faulty cable. 

Incorrect Connections

The Ethernet Adapter is not connected directly to the power supply. Therefore, any loose connections must be between the adapter and the router or the dish and adapter. 

Unplug all the connections if the adapter isn’t working correctly. 

Reconnect the Ethernet adapter with the procedures above. 

Defective Ethernet Adapter

The Ethernet adapter might be faulty if you follow the procedures to a T, yet it isn’t working.

It helps if you have an extra adapter. It’s likely a defective cable if you notice you’re getting intermittent connectivity. 

Is your Starlink Ethernet Adapter still not working?

Power Cycle To Reset The Router

Sometimes it’s not the Adapter that’s a problem. You might have to reset the entire system to get everything to work. Resetting is a great way to solve connection problems.

However, reset it after investigating other causes of why the Ethernet adapter isn’t working. 

Power cycling involves plugging and unplugging the router three times consecutively.

Buy A New Ethernet Adapter

It’s a safe bet to have an extra ethernet adapter in case the one you have has technical problems.

Consider installing a new one using the same procedure if the suggested troubleshooting tips fail. 

Moreover, consider getting an alternative adapter for your Starlink kit. 

BrosTrend AC1200 WiFi to Ethernet Adapter

The BrosTrend AC1200 Ethernet Adapter is a highly recommended alternative to the Starlink Ethernet Adapter. It’s a smart way to get faster speeds without relying on Starlink’s connection. 

Here are some features that make this alternative stand out.

  • Connects directly to your home’s or office’s power outlet. 
  • You can connect an Ethernet cable from the adapter to your main Starlink router. 
  • You can connect switches, routers, smart TVs, and printers to create a detour from your main wireless Starlink network. 
  • This adapter pairs well with 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz frequency 802.11ax/ac/a/b/g/n routers. 

The safest alternative would be getting another Starlink Ethernet adapter specifically for a Starlink 2nd Generation dish.

The older Starlink 1 model already has an Ethernet port.

As an alternative, the Starlink Ethernet Adapter would be compatible with Standard, Flat High Performance for RV dish and High Performance for Business dish. 


Q: What maximum speed does the Starlink Ethernet Adapter support?

The Starlink Ethernet Adapter can support up to 1 Gbps. However, the adapter doesn’t determine speed.

It will work with the satellite’s maximum 20–100 Mbps speed. 

Q: Can you use more than one Starlink Ethernet Adapter at the same time?

Supporting more than one Starlink Ethernet Adapter is impractical.

Connecting the Ethernet Adapter to a switch and plugging in various Ethernet-enabled devices would be more practical for multiple devices.


The wireless connectivity of Starlink Satellite Internet might give you fast speeds.

However, the Starlink Ethernet Adapter gives you a wired connection to boost that speed. Its friendly $25 price tag makes it a worthwhile purchase. 

Get the Starlink Ethernet Adapter from the official source and follow our installation guide.