Starlink Factory Reset: Easy Procedures to Avoid Mistakes

A Starlink factory reset is a safe solution whenever you have technical hitches.  A factory reset is a vital troubleshooting step for any device.  You might reset the Starlink router to solve a bug or …

A factory reset cleans your router

A Starlink factory reset is a safe solution whenever you have technical hitches. 

A factory reset is a vital troubleshooting step for any device. 

You might reset the Starlink router to solve a bug or when the router changes hands.

 Usually, a power cycle will be enough. 

Plugging and unplugging the router into a power source three consecutive times resets the router. 

We’ll show you how to reset, reboot, and restart your Starlink router and change your password; whether you’re using the 1st generation round dish or the 2nd generation square dish, you’re in the right place.

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Why Should You Reset Your Router?

A router reset doesn’t only solve bugs. Resetting the router can safeguard your online security.

It wipes previous user data, making it safe to transfer ownership. 

All it takes is a few easy steps to reset your Starlink router. 

Plugging and unplugging a device from a wall power outlet 

Plugging and unplugging a device from a wall power outlet 

Locate the router

A manual reset needs you to do it physically. You can also reset a Starlink router remotely. 

Do the power cycle sequence.

A power sequence inserts and ejects the router’s power plug into the power supply unit. 

Insert and eject the power cycle unit six consecutive times, pausing about 3-5 seconds between plugging and unplugging. The pause notifies the router that you are performing a reset. 

Wait for the boot sequence.

The boot sequence comes after a successful reset. You’ll have to wait a while before the router boots up. This bit is vital since all your previous credentials have been wiped. 

Find the new network connection.

The Wi-Fi connection shows up as STINKY or STARLINK. And yes, that is on all Starlink routers. 

  1. Connect your smartphone to the new Wi-Fi connection. 
  2. Open your smartphone’s Starlink app and input a new username and password. 
  3. Reconnect all your other devices connected to the network. 
A login screen with username and password

A login screen with username and password

After the Starlink router reset, you’ll need to change your password. If your smartphone is connected to a Wi-Fi network, open the Starlink app. 

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Go to Configuration. 

You should see the SSID and Password slot. Change the details to your preference. 

  1. Save the new configuration. 
  2. Reconnect using the new password.

A Starlink factory reset can be helpful if you have authentication problems. Also, you might need it to clear Starlink router errors. 

Follow this procedure to factory reset a second-generation square Starlink router.

  1. Ensure your router is plugged into the power source and it is on. 
  2. The first step is removing it from the power source/wall socket.
  3. Power cycle the router. However, this step is different from the Starlink router reset. You need to plug and unplug it three consecutive times. 
  4. At this point, use a stopwatch to count down two minutes. Repeat step 3 two more times consecutively. 
  5. Step 4 initiates your router’s factory reset. 
  6. Plug your router back into the wall socket and wait about 5 minutes. 

Like the rest, a Starlink factory reset wipes all the preference data, username, password, and settings.

 Follow the prompt provided above to reset your private credentials. 

You will know the factory is successful when the router powers up and shows STARLINK or STINKY as a new Starlink Wi-Fi name. 

If the factory reset is unsuccessful, start from step 2.

Power cycle the router three times, only this time, count about 5 seconds between each unplugging and plugging. 

Factory resetting a circular Starlink dish router is different. It is easier. 

The Starlink circle dish router has a dedicated reset button. The button sits at the bottom of the router. 

Press it for 10 seconds until a blue light comes on. The blue light confirms the start of the factory reset for a circle dish Starlink router. 

Power cycling is a feature on the second-generation Starlink dish router. 

Since the router doesn’t have a dedicated reset button like the circle Starlink dish router, power cycling helps you reset the new rectangular Starlink dish router. 

Power cycling a Starlink dish router is plugging and unplugging the router from the electricity source. 

You can plug and unplug three or six consecutive times, depending on whether you are resetting or factory resetting. 

A reboot can fix some system errors. 

A reboot can fix some system errors. 

You don’t always need to reset or factory reset your Starlink router. Some of the problems you encounter only need a reboot.

A reboot retains all your user data and takes less time. 

Follow this procedure to reboot Starlink using the Starlink app. 

  1. Open Settings on the Starlink app. 
  2. Go to Advanced. 
  3. Slide the Reboot Starlink button to the right. 
  4. Wait for your Starlink router to come back online. 

Alternatively, you can reboot Starlink with a power cycle. However, you only need to unplug and plug it back again once. 

The ON/OFF sequence will reboot the Starlink router to clear some errors. 

Wait for the Starlink dish to find a satellite. It will automatically change position to get a satellite with a strong signal. 

Also, you can reboot Starlink by unplugging the dish itself. Rebooting Starlink using the dish retains the Wi-Fi network.

 Rebooting Starlink from the dish is effective in solving a satellite-dish disconnect. 

Follow this quick procedure to reboot the Starlink dish.

  1. Go to where you’ve mounted the Starlink dish. 
  2. Pull the dish cable to unplug it. Alternatively, you can unplug the dish cable from the router.
  3. With utmost care not to damage the cable, plug the cable back into the dish or the router. 
  4. Sit the dish back on its mount and allow it to recalibrate to the best position to receive a Starlink satellite signal. 
Starlink kit showing dish and router

Starlink kit showing dish and router

If you have a Starlink mesh network in your home, you must manually reset each Starlink node, one at a time. 

Power cycle the individual node six times in a row. Plug and unplug the node until the boot sequence initiates. 

Your smartphone must be connected to the main Wi-Fi network, not the new STINKY or STARLINK network that shows up after a reset. 

Open your Starlink app and pair each node again. 

While people might use routers and modems interchangeably, they are different. 

A complete Starlink kit has a circle or square dish, a router, and a dish mount

You can reboot a Starlink router using the methods provided above. 

You can reset the Starlink dish without a factory reset. The first method is through the Starlink app. 

  1. Open your Starlink app.
  2. Open Advanced from the Settings icon.
  3. You’ll find the Restart Starlink option. 

This process will reboot your Starlink dish without you stepping outside or touching the dish. 

It also allows the dish to recalibrate to where there’s a strong signal. 

The second method needs you to disconnect the router from the power source. 

Leave it disconnected for 5-10 minutes. Plug the router into the power source and wait a few minutes. 

The dish might take a longer time to reconnect, though. 


How often should you reboot Starlink?

We recommend checking firmware releases before rebooting Starlink.

 Also, it would be best if you rebooted when troubleshooting Starlink problems. 

Otherwise, you don’t need to reboot if the system works optimally.

Still, the frequency of rebooting depends on why you’re doing it. 

You might do it if you have frequent connection issues.  

How long does Starlink take to reboot?

A typical Starlink reboot takes about 8-10 minutes. 

Final Thoughts

A Starlink factory reset is a vital hack to many technical problems. 

It’s an easy process that becomes easier with experience. 

Bookmark this guide to get quick access to these easy solutions.