Starlink Firmware Update: Everything You Need to Know

Starlink firmware update can be crucial to your Starlink internet experience.  Unfortunately, you cannot directly control it like regular software that you download and upgrade at your pleasure.  The Starlink system carries out the Starlink …

Updating a device

Starlink firmware update can be crucial to your Starlink internet experience. 

Unfortunately, you cannot directly control it like regular software that you download and upgrade at your pleasure.

 The Starlink system carries out the Starlink firmware update.

In this Starlink firmware upgrade, we will dig into whether a firmware update is necessary, updating the firmware, and its impact on user experience.

Moreso you will also learn about its latest updates. 

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After the kernel, firmware takes second place as the most vital device component. And since Starlink does not have an operating system, its firmware is the most essential component. It runs a system and retains its efficiency.

For example, after recharging your Starlink, their servers process the recharge information and transfer it to hardware to recognize and execute the job. 

When you perform a hard reset, Starlink doesn’t have an operating system, so the firmware transmits the information to the kernel which executes via the hardware.

The Starlink firmware update helps the internet provider remain competitive and offer remarkable services. When you update the Starlink firmware, you will experience notable features like:

  • Speed: it helps to improve Starlink’s internet speeds since it fixes problems
  • New features: the new features improve the system’s overall performance
  • Security: it improves the Starlink system and prevents its hackers
  • Compatibility to various devices: it also ensures Starlink is compatible with newly invented gadgets
  • Improved performance: it makes your system stable with fewer interruptions
  • Bug fixes: it fixes the system from bugs from previous upgrades

Since Starlink’s internet service began, there have been frequent firmware updates. Thus making the Starlink system secure and running faster than the day. 

The firmware update has helped in addressing lots of security vulnerabilities. 

Although cloudy patches are in the journey like Starlink releasing firmware updates with bugs.

Fortunately, Starlink released firmware updates to solve issues like disconnections. 

If you have a Starlink mobile app, checking the firmware version can be straightforward. You can download it on your Android or iOS.

  • Open your Starlink app
  • Go to the setting option
  • Click the “advanced” option
  • Below the heading “Starlink”, you will glimpse your dish’s firmware version.

If you want to know when Starlink last updated your firmware, examine the uptime.

 When Starlink updates the firmware, it reboots the system and resets the continuity counter. 

However, the Starlink terminal may restart for other reasons other than firmware updates. 

These reasons may include a power outage, an upgrade to another service, and a manual reset. 

The uptime won’t answer you when the previous firmware update happens. It only shows how long firmware has yet to be updated since its previous reboot.

Here are the 2023 firmware updates; check if yours is among the latest.

DatesUpdate TypesKeynoteVersion Number
6th Jan.Dish firmware updateIntroduced soft data caps data throttling2d2db653-e245-403b-b1a5-1af2cca0aa43.uterm.release
14th Jan.Dish firmware updateBug fixes and performance improvement367d68e9-6a60-4a21-878d-00e1f9b89c56.uterm.release
20th Jan.Dish firmware updateBug fixes and performance improvement6ac8c726-1096-45a5-9102-c026b2a65e78.uterm.release
30th MarDih firmware updateBug fixes and performance improvement7974cb07-8ba9-40ab-8aa6-4be7fb90309b.uterm.release
4th AprDish firmware updateBug fixes and performance improvement5781cfe2-3678-457f-a0e7-c460b8985cef.uterm.release
23rd JuneDish firmwareBug fixes and performance improvemente055302d-93ee-44c0-9f18-4d927a6ee54e.uterm.release

It is hard to update the Starlink firmware as you would like to. Even though you can check your version online, you can’t do anything more.

 There is no option for updating the firmware manually. 

Starlink updates the firmware automatically, and you don’t need to bother yourself with upgrading it. 

Wait for the system to update itself then install it. You’ll need to run your dish even after pausing your subscription to receive the latest update. 

The updates may change differently even for people in the same area. 

This is because the system distributes the update in batches, so the users may receive the different firmware versions at varying times.

 You should also note that Starlink doesn’t share release notifications for dish and router updates, so you need to wait for them. 

The Starlink system set up

Starlink firmware updates can be crucial in maintaining the efficiency and performance of your Starlink internet system. 

You need to update the firmware to improve internet speed, new features, enhance security, and bug fixes. 

The good thing is, the latest version automatically updates some internet-connected devices. 

So you don’t have to worry about manually upgrading the system. You can check the firmware your dish is operating on via the Starlink app.