Starlink Network Issue: How to Fix Starlink Internet Problems

Starlink network issue is a common complaint for those using this internet. Like other internet providers, Starlink encounters network issues now and then. These issues include signal strength, outages, coverage, and among many others. Users …

Starlink Network Issue

Starlink network issue is a common complaint for those using this internet.

Like other internet providers, Starlink encounters network issues now and then.

These issues include signal strength, outages, coverage, and among many others.

Users continue to complain their connections are going offline.

This prevents them from using the internet. 

This problem is common with cable internet connections and wireless connections.

Read on as we discuss Starlink network problems and their possible fixes. 

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Some of the most common Starlink network issues and their solutions include.

Starlink is currently running at capacity due to increased demand.

It means the service has reached the maximum number of users in your location.

Furthermore, they aren’t taking more subscribers.

In this case, you can do the following things.

First Solution:

Order Starlink for RV. It costs the same, has no waiting period, and SpaceX will ship your equipment immediately. 

This option has two drawbacks. First, Starlink for RV costs $25 more than Starlink Residential.

Secondly, Starlink for RV is deprioritized, meaning you will get slower-speed internet.

Better Solution:

Select Starlink Residential plan. Deposit $120, and you will be on the Starlink waiting list.

When Starlink takes new subscribers from your location, they will notify you.

With Starlink Residential plan, you can enjoy roaming at an extra cost of $25.

An angry man because of a Starlink network issue

An angry man because of a Starlink network issue

Starlink internet offline issue happens when there is a problem with the connection.

This could be from a damaged cable or dish which cuts communications between the dish and router. 

After you set up your Starlink, expect to get the Starlink offline message.

It takes approximately 30 minutes to power and set up the latest firmware.

After updating itself, Starlink connects to the closest satellites.

A quick fix to this Starlink network issue is to connect the cable to the dish and router firmly.

The cable becomes loose at the router because of the bends.

Thus, ensure it’s straight.

Solution: Reboot Your Network Equipment

The rebooting process is an effective tip that does your connection more good.

A simple reboot will handle the smaller Starlink network issues.

It will ensure the connection delivers top performance.

Begin with disconnecting the modem from the power supply.

Repeat the same with the router.

Wait at least five minutes before connecting the modem to the power supply.

After the modem completes booting up, connect the router to the power supply. 

Rebooting your network equipment will handle Starlink network issues.

It will also improve your network’s performance.

Internet Keeps Disconnecting

If your internet disconnects, you are dealing with a significant Starlink network issue.

Furthermore, if your Starlink keeps searching for satellite signals after connecting to the network, the problem could be with your connection or SpaceX.

To check why your internet keeps disconnecting, go to Starlink App -> Stats -> Outages. See the type of messages that are there.

Solution: Firmware Issues

Firmware issues frequently happen on the network.

If your Starlink fails to update its firmware, you must wait for the next software update.

SpaceX updates its firmware weekly, which creates problems.

Don’t worry, as SpaceX automatically fixes these problems.

Solution: Hardware Issues

Like other service providers, Starlink encounters network hardware issues.

If they don’t fix your connection within a few days, contact support via your Starlink App.

Report your Starlink offline network issue, and ask for a replacement.

Below are additional ways of fixing Starlink network problems.

Check for Obstructions to the Dish

Satellites relay internet through wireless networks; their biggest enemy is obstructions.

Satellites mediate between base stations and Starlink dishes.

For this reason, wireless mediums are prone to many obstructions.

When installing your Starlink dish, check for obstructions. Ensure that your Starlink dish is facing the skies above.

Moreover, there should be no obstructions between the Starlink dish and the sky. 

If any obstruction hinders access to the Starlink constellation, you will receive the “No signal received” message.

It’s best to mount the dish at the highest point in your home to avoid blockage.

It will ensure that no grounded object covers the antennas.

Check Weather Conditions

We cannot control weather conditions, and they pose a major obstruction.

Bad weather conditions like snow or rain affect Starlink’s performance.

But you will experience drops in network speeds.

In such situations, you wait out the downpour and reconnect to the internet later.

Satellite dish covered with snow

Satellite dish covered with snow

Starlink dishes auto-align themselves with the location of the satellite constellations above them.

However, sometimes a dish may fail to align properly, resulting in problems with the signal and speed. 

To change your Starlink dish position, use the manual calibration alignment.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can align your Starlink dish.

  • On your Starlink App, select the Visibility option.
  • Select Check for Obstructions.
  • Carefully read the instructions and confirm I’m Ready.
  • The app will direct you to point your phone to the sky to project to the closest Starlink satellites.
  • The app will give you lighter and darker areas. The lighter areas have the best signal, whereas the darker areas have a weak signal.
  • Finally, locate your Starlink dish to face the areas with the best signals to get the best network.
The best place to place your satellite dish

The best place to place your satellite dish

Understanding the “No Signal Received” Message

The “No Signal Received” message means your internet connection is unavailable.

It happens when your Starlink dish cannot connect with satellites in the sky.

This network problem comes from Starlink and has nothing to do with your equipment. 

The “No Signal Received” is usually temporary and resolves within a minute.

Sometimes this signal stays for extended periods and sends an alert in the Starlink App.

Several things can cause the “No Signal Received” messages.

No signal received alert

No signal received an alert

No Satellite Coverage

The lack of satellites is the main cause of no signal. SpaceX has not deployed constellation satellites.

Thus, not all parts of the world have satellite coverage.

It explains why you may notice short “No Signal Received” periods as your Starlink dish waits to receive a signal from another satellite.


Bad weather conditions such as snow and rain may disrupt the signal causing problems.

If you live in an area with frequent bad weather, wait for the storm to pass, and the issue will be resolved.


The “No Signal Received” outage often comes from trees and obstructions.

Obstructions cause outages, whereas minor obstructions register as no signal.

Troubleshooting Tips

You can use these tips to troubleshoot Starlink’s offline network issue.

  • Ensure there are no obstructions when you check the Visibility section of the app.
  • If the dish is dirty, wipe its surface with a damp rag.
  • Reboot your Starlink equipment.
  • If the “No Signal Received” outage message continues, contact customer service.

Contact Support

If you are still experiencing network problems, contact Starlink’s support for help.

A defective dish or lack of satellite coverage in your area can cause network issues.

To contact support:

  • Log in to your Starlink account via the app or website. 
  • Tap Support.
  • Select Support and choose a topic that relates to your issue.
  • Tap the dislike icon to redirect you to a ticket request form.


Starlink’s satellites are always on the move, and at the same time, Starlink dishes track them. 

Starlink loses its signal and internet connection when there is a satellite handover. 

You should reboot your router if you experience problems setting up your equipment.

To reboot your router, power cycle the router three times.

Final Thoughts

Starlink provides internet to regions where other providers cannot reach.

Its service is fast, reliable, and stable but faces network issues.

Try these easy solutions if you are experiencing network problems.

They will help you eliminate network problems and be online within no time.

If they don’t work, contact customer support and get help.

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