Starlink Offline: The Causes and How to Fix Them

When you experience an internet connection issue, sometimes you may see Starlink offline notification.  When “Starlink says offline” is different from when you see a “Starlink discounted” error.  Several factors can interfere with Starlink’s communication …

Starlink Offline

When you experience an internet connection issue, sometimes you may see Starlink offline notification. 

When “Starlink says offline” is different from when you see a “Starlink discounted” error. 

Several factors can interfere with Starlink’s communication with the satellites and therefore, internet connection. 

This is most common when connecting the system for the first time, or if you recently moved or adjusted your dish. 

If you have experienced this problem before, no need to panic. This piece covers everything you may need to know about the cause and the solution. 

Starlink offline no signal occurs when the dish antenna can’t find satellites to communicate with. In this case, you temporarily lose your internet connection. 

The issue occurs on the Starlink network side. If you see this message, think of factors such as obstruction and weather. It has nothing to do with your equipment. 

When your Starlink hardware is the problem, you will get a “disconnected error” message. 

It means the problem with your hardware side of the system, from the dish, and cable to the router. For this article, we will focus on the “Starlink offline” error. 

To better figure out Starlink offline outage cause and the possible solution, you have to understand how the system works. 

Starlink is a SpaceX satellite that works by establishing communication networks.

 Unlike most satellites, Starlink satellites are set in low earth orbit. 

They communicate with the ground stations and user terminals using radio waves and with each other using laser communication. 

The data travels forth and back such that the ground station sends the signal to the satellite which then amplifies the signals and sends it back to the ground station.

 Your dish antenna traces the satellite and connects to the closest. 

To do this, it must have a clear view of the sky, without obstructions that may interfere with the connection. 

The placement of the satellites in the low earth orbit was to reduce the interference and the distance the signal traveled. 

Furthermore, it helps lower latency and improve internet speed. 

Starlink satellite trains orbiting the earth

Starlink satellite trains orbiting the earth

As hinted before, several factors can contribute to this. The most common ones include:

Starlink is fairly new and its satellite constellation isn’t fully deployed. That said, not every part of the globe has a continuous connection. 

This is one of the biggest causes of Starlink offline no signal received. You may experience this for a short period as your antenna waits for a signal to connect.


Obstacles such as trees can obstruct the view of the antenna causing a “Stralink offline” outage. Even the dust on the antenna can obstruct its view of the sky.


Your Starlink dish requires a clear view of the sky to effectively communicate with the satellites and maintain a good internet connection. 

For that reason, weather events such as rain, snow storms, and cloud cover are enough to interfere with Starlink’s internet connection. 

Though SpaceX designs its dishes following all the National Electric Code (NEC) requirements, lightning can strike your plate and damage it. 

It is a rare case but it is possible especially if you are living in areas prone to thunderstorms. 

The good thing is, this issue can easily be rectified. Just try these simple tips: 

Align Your Dish to Have a Clear View of the Sky, Away from Obstructions

Ensure you set up the dish according to the instructions in the manual.

Starlink offers an app that will help you check for obstructions and align your dish properly.

 The best part, using the obstruction finder feature on this app is very easy.

 Also, wipe the antenna and the surface of the dish using a damp rag if it is dirty. 

Snowy ski slope

Satellite dish with a clear view of the blue sky

Update the Firmware

If you have been having a good connection before and then get disconnected after some duration, the issue may be firmware

That is, your dish is not updating firmware. 

Wait for the next software update to see if the system works. The company usually auto-fixes firmware issues. 

If the issue persists, then it may be a hardware problem. Unplug the system from the power to reboot, then plug it back in after around three minutes. 

How to Fix Weather Problems

The only way you can troubleshoot weather issues is to wait until the weather improves. Just use an alternative connection in the meantime until the bad weather clears up. 

Snowy ski slope

Snowy ski slope

If Starlink capacity is not stable in your area, your internet can disconnect more often. Wait for the connection to get restored. 

Since you don’t know the duration it will take to get connected again, you can use a backup. 5G cellular data is a great alternative. 

Follow SpaceX on social media platforms and Twitter to get updates on when the service will resume in your area. 

Contact Support

Your Starlink dish comes with a 1-year limited warranty, so don’t hesitate to contact the support team if the problems persist.

 The company will help you obtain a new dish if you have a defective one. If the hardware is okay, they will help you find out the real issue. 

To contact the support team, log into the company website, click support, and choose the topic that is related to your issue.

 It will direct you to a ticket request form that you will then fill out. Or, simply use the customer care support number which is 1-855-753-2495. 

When you set Starlink up for the first time, it may take around 5 minutes to a few hours to connect.

 However, it will not reach optimal performance immediately; it will take around 12 hours. 

Even when your Starlink goes offline, it will still be searching for a satellite to connect to.

 If the search takes longer and your location is at the right address, you can contact the company for help.

If you are receiving Starlink offline errors, the problem is always on the network side. 

Make sure your dish has a clear view of the sky by redlining it away from obstructions.

 Also, wipe the antenna and the dish surface.

Finally, try rebooting the system by just unplugging it from the power source and then replugging it back after three minutes. 

These three main simple steps should help solve your problem. If the issue persists, contact the support team.