Starlink Power Supply Replacement: Powering Up Your Satellite Dish Again

It’s unavoidable — you may need a Starlink power supply replacement at some point. And that sounds like a big shock if it no longer works properly.  So your only option here is to place …

The power supply unit powers your Starlink dish.

It’s unavoidable — you may need a Starlink power supply replacement at some point. And that sounds like a big shock if it no longer works properly. 

So your only option here is to place in a new one to get your Starlink circular dish running again. But don’t worry! 

This article paints a clear picture of how to get that job done.

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What Does The Power Supply Do?

It’s simple. The power supply’s job is to keep everything running — distributing power to the dish and its terminal

To do this, it must first turn the AC power (sourced from the wall plug) into DC power.

 It also needs the right voltage level to run the Starlink satellite dish terminal. 

That way, it can easily link up with Starlink’s orbiting satellites, so your gadgets will connect to the internet.

Starlink satellites in space.

Starlink satellites in space.

What’s more interesting is that the supply helps to keep the dish synced with the always-moving satellites.

 It does this through the phased array antenna, pointing your dish in the correct direction while staying connected to the internet.

In addition, safety is at the top when it comes to running your Gen 1 dish. That’s because the power supply protects it against short-circuit, overvoltage, and overcurrent.

Problems With Your Power Supply

Example of a power supply unit.

Example of a power supply unit.

Sadly, you may have issues with the power supply that make it completely unusable.

You’ll quickly realize there are different symptoms you’ll need to watch out for if you notice any strange changes. 

One of the most obvious signs is the terminal not getting power even if you have plugged it into the wall. 

And sometimes, that component may have disruptions or power on/off without someone touching it. 

You’ll also need to check to see how it’s running. After all, too many internet disconnections or slowdowns may mean something’s gone awry with the power supply. 

In addition, the terminal’s LED lights have either stopped working or constantly blink with patterns. 

Starlink’s satellite dish requires a working power supply.

Starlink’s satellite dish requires a working power supply.

Make sure you also look at the power supply.  If it gets very hot, it usually receives too much voltage and could shut down by itself. 

Furthermore, a strong, smoky, and burning smell from the power supply opens a new can of worms. 

So it would be best if you unplugged it right away to prevent damage to your dish and other components. 

Make sure you also closely inspect the unit for cracks, dents, or other defects because those will hinder its overall performance. 

Buying A New One

Check the terminal model number (on the label) before you buy your much-needed power supply. 

You’ll also want the exact connector, amperage, and voltage. Doing so will make sure the unit is compatible.

Now it’s time to shop once you’ve gathered all that information. 

Starlink’s online store is the best place to get the new power supply since it’s specifically built for the dish, making it more authentic. 

Of course, other online stores may sell this product, but they may end up being fake or bad in general. 

Contact Starlink’s customer support for more information on this dish gear. 

Steps To Replace

This step-by-step guide only applies to the Gen one dish (circular shape) since the Dishy (Gen 2) uses the router for power. 

Power Off And Disconnect

You can take out the power cable.

You can take out the power cable.

Of course, the first thing you’ll want to do is power down the terminal. So to do this, find the power cable and disconnect it from the wall socket or adapter.

Then, unplug all the other cables (if applicable) from the power supply. Keep a mental note of where they go so you won’t get confused when putting them back together.



Now use a screwdriver to get the screws out to remove the power supply unit. Take your time to keep it from getting damaged. 

Add The New One And Plug In Cables

Afterward, put the new one where you originally had the bad power supply. 

Make sure you mount it with the screws in the package. Then, connect all the cables you previously unplugged — they should go in the same way as before. 

But check to see if everything fits nicely and snugly before running a test. Otherwise, your device may become damaged or not work if it has insecure connections. 

Test It Out

And finally, test the recently connected power supply by turning it on to see if your dish’s terminal works. 

If the indicator lights stay solid, then you’re all set! Just make sure the internet doesn’t cut out throughout its use, and all will be well. 


With the new power supply hooked up, performance-wise, you shouldn’t have any more problems.

 So sit back, relax, and enjoy using your Starlink Internet! Watch for any symptoms of it nearly failing, and you’ll know what to do next.