Starlink Replacement Dish: Buying Yourself A Better Version

Let’s face it — we all need a Starlink replacement dish at some point.   But it’s not an end-for-all doomsday if that happens because you’ll find it easy-peasy to set up a new one.  And …

Starlink dishy.

Let’s face it — we all need a Starlink replacement dish at some point.  

But it’s not an end-for-all doomsday if that happens because you’ll find it easy-peasy to set up a new one. 

And if repairs are out of the question, you could end up spending a few hundred bucks on another dish. 

With all that in mind, let’s look at the best way to replace that satellite dish!

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Why You Might Need A Replacement

Generally, you’ll know it’s time for a new dish If there’s so much damage that it’s not fixable. 

Those sorts of issues could happen because of bad weather, like hail, high winds, snow, or ice that cause it to misalign. 

Otherwise, objects falling onto the dish and carelessly handling it can lead to more harm than good.  

Also, you’re more likely to get an unclear signal leading to connection issues or making the dish unusable. 

If there’s a better version of Starlink’s satellite dish, you might want to grab it to take advantage of the latest features. 

This idea especially rings true for any outdated hardware/software. So replacing it with the most recent model is the best way forward. 

Remember that the Starlink satellite dish may only last a few years. But if you maintain it regularly, you could make it last even longer. 

What’s The Cost?

Here’s the kicker. The replacement cost depends entirely on whether or not the dish is still under warranty.

 If that’s what you’re looking at here, then you won’t have to pay much — or anything at all! Of course, the issue you’re dealing with must also fall under Starlink’s warranty. 

It would put a little-to-big hole in your wallet if costs could speak. That’s because you’re looking at $600 for a new dish and $250-$300 for a refurbished one. 

However, you’ll have to do a router exchange as well. The Starlink kit already has that network device, so buying it separately is unnecessary.

 It’s also a good idea to keep the cables stored away in case you need them later.

How To Get A Replacement

Starlink’s satellite in orbit. 

Starlink’s satellite in orbit. 

You’ll need to replace your Starlink dish if it’s faulty or damaged somehow. 

So contact Starlink customer service, and they’ll give you a replacement dish if needed. 

Contacting Starlink support is more unique compared to other methods. 

You can check the app or your account to send a ticket to help replace your internet dish. 

Once you log in, tap on the thumbs-down icon, and a page with the help desk form opens. 

So just fill everything out and describe your problem before hitting the submit buttom. 

You can easily replace the dish.

You can easily replace the dish.

The good news is that you won’t need to hire a professional to remove and install the dish. If you’re a DIY’er, this job will seem like a piece of cake! 


The first step in your Starlink replacement journey is removing the old, bad dish. Take your time when doing this to prevent any damage. 

Unplug Your Dish And Adjust The Mount

Ethernet cable.

Ethernet cable.

Firstly, you’ll need to disconnect all the cables, including power and Ethernet, etc., from the Starlink dish. 

Doing so ensures that it’s not powered on and won’t shock you while being removed. 

Now grab a screwdriver or wrench and use one of those two to unfasten the bolts/brackets on the dish’s support structure. 

Take It Off The Mount

Next, remove the Starlink dish from your mount once it’s loosened. Go slow and have someone help if you can’t lift it yourself — it might be heavy for one person. 

Then, put the cables away so they won’t get damaged while you move the dish. 

Finally, please place it in a storage room or compartment to keep the dish on hand. 

Otherwise, package and ship it out if you want to get it fixed or replaced. 

You must use Starlink’s guide for shipping. 

Installing A New One

Starlink round dish.

Starlink round dish.

Here’s how you should install the new dish. If you already have the mount set up, then feel free to skip the mount attachment step.

Take Everything Out And Put It All Together

For starters, your Starlink Kit features a dish, an antenna, a router, a mounting base, and a power cable (50’). Take those out before starting anything else. 

Now hook the power cable’s straight connector with the dish — the connection is close to the mast’s bottom. 

Also, the connector should plug in until it can’t loosen. So do that before placing the mast inside the base mount. 

You can tell it’s nice and secure when the spring tabs lock it together. 

Connect Your Cables

First, if you haven’t done so, you might need to use a drill to make a hole in the wall outside your home. 

That way, you can run the other end of the 50’ power cable into your house. The power cable’s elbow connector must connect to the port on the bottom of your Strlink router. 

What you need to do next is use the router power cord to plug your router into an electric outlet. 

However, it’s also important to set the dish in a position where it can spin freely so that the dish can get a clear signal. 

Plugging your router in turns the dish on, causing it to scan the sky to link up with the satellites. Plus, you won’t need to align your Starlink dish because that’s all done automatically. 

After powering up, your Starlink router starts to initialize, taking some minutes to finish. 

At that point, you can fire up the Wifi settings in your smartphone. STINKY, a wireless network, will then appear. 

So tap on that to connect. Afterward, it prompts you to enter a network name/password. 

Re-visit the Wifi settings again and type in the password, connecting you to Starlink Internet.  

Go ahead and install Starlink’s app onto your smartphone. It helps you look after your Starlink Internet by changing settings and troubleshooting problems you may come across.

If you’re not interested in the app, use the web browser instead. In that case, head over to the Starlink page (dishy), and make sure you’re accessing it through the Starlink Wifi.

Otherwise, the page won’t load. 


Now you can replace the dish. Doing this shouldn’t be too hard if you plan to take it on alone. 

Just make some preparations before you start so that nothing will go wrong. By the day’s end, you’ll be enjoying Starlink Internet again.