Starlink Ridgeline Mount: Easy Step-By-Step Installation Process

Whether you have a residential Starlink or an RV Starlink dish, a Starlink ridgeline mount is the best option. This celebrated, versatile Starlink roof ridge mount can virtually work on any roof style, from pitched …

Starlink internet satellites

Whether you have a residential Starlink or an RV Starlink dish, a Starlink ridgeline mount is the best option.

This celebrated, versatile Starlink roof ridge mount can virtually work on any roof style, from pitched to flat roofs. 

It is an ideal mount that doesn’t require you to drill a hole in your roof.

If you have a pitched roof, you can comfortably install it at the ridgeline or style to sit on your flat roof. 

Additionally, this mount comes with ballast weights that sturdily keep it in position.

Also, due to this, you can adjust the base to any angle. 

Nevertheless, this article explains where to buy a ridgeline mount kit, the installation process and its pros and cons. 

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You can get a Starlink ridgeline mount directly from Starlink company at $250.

But remember to create an account with Starlink to make a purchase. After receiving the kit, confirm its content.

It must have a mounting base, wall clips, a carry bag, and ballast weights.

However, the ballast weights are usually outside the box.

And you will receive it a week later in separate shipping. 

Starlink satellites

Starlink satellites

Make sure you set up your Starlink unit, and it is running before installing the Ridgeline mount kit. 

Step 1: Unplug the Router

Power down the Starlink dish by unplugging the router. Then unplug the Starlink cable to enable you to install the dish using the ridgeline mount. 

Step 2: Take Your Ridgeline Mount to the Roof

Carry your folded ridgeline to your roof for installation, then place it in your preferred location.

Remember, you don’t need to carry the ballast with you. 

Step 3: Loosen the Mount by Unfolding it

You can loosen the mount by rotating the knob at the center counterclockwise. As you rotate the knob, it will spray the tray.

You should also ensure it sprays against the roof as the tray unfolds.

With a pitched roof, you can install the ridgeline mount on the ridgeline or position it anywhere on your flat roof. 

Step 4: Tighten the Mount After Installing

Angle the center mounting arm to be within 5 degrees of vertical.

It would help if you did this because this is where you will insert the Starlink dish mask.

Then, rotate the knob at the center to tighten up everything. 

Step 5: Carry the Ballast Weight to the Roof for Installation

Starlink ridgeline mount comes with four ballast weights. Each weighs 13 lbs. Carry the weights, each at a time, up to the mount.

Install the ballast weights on the mount by inserting it from the top and moving it downwards. 

Align the ballast notch in line with the mounting tab. Ensure you add the four ballast to strongly hold the mount. 

Unplug the cable that connects the router and the dish.

Through the dish connector side, route the cable from inside to outside.

It is time to use the carry bag to transport your Starlink dish up the roof where you have the mount. 

Place your dish on the ridgeline mount center arm. Tighten everything and ensure your Starlink dish mask is vertically facing the sky.

After installing your mount and dish, get to your house and plug everything on.

After a few minutes, your system will boot up, so long as there are no obstructions. 


  • The installation process is straightforward
  • The ridgeline mount kits contain all the requirements for installation, so you will not incur the extra cost of buying equipment and other accessories.
  • It has a modern appearance bringing out beauty on your roof 
  • Starlink roof ridge mount is versatile to be installed in any roof style
  • It can endure harsh weather conditions


  • The ridgeline mount kit goes for $250, which can be expensive for most people
  • You can’t elevate its stature by buying an extender, so it isn’t a better option in areas with obstructions. 

To mount your Starlink dish, there are several choices you can find in the market.

Apart from using Ridgeline mount, some people have been using non-penetrating roof bolts. 

The good thing with ridgeline mount comes as a whole package with all the necessities for installation.

So you will not spend more money looking for extra equipment. 

Though it is expensive to buy and install this mount, it’s flexible for all roof types.

It also comes with ballast weights that ensure stability during strong winds.

Its quality is suitable for people living in areas with unfavorable weather conditions.  

Starlink ridgeline mount kit contains four components that contribute to a sturdy mount. There is a mounting base to support the Starlink dish.

You also have the clips that hold the cable to avoid flapping and a carry bag to transport Starlink dishes and other accessories.

The ballast weights firmly have the mount during installation. 

Antenna for receiving internet signal

Antenna for receiving internet signal


The Starlink ridgeline mount is a perfect choice when installing Starlink internet in your home or for RV use.

Even though it is a bit pricey, it is a kit that comes with all the installation necessities.

Besides, you can install it in all sorts of roof types.

You won’t be drilling holes so it doesn’t matter if you have a flat roof or one with a sleek design.