Starlink Router Replacement: A 10-Step Guide + 3 Aftermarket Alternatives

You may consider a Starlink router replacement to increase your performance without switching to another ISP.  To replace the Starlink router,  contact the Starlink customer support center.  You’ll get a replacement Starlink router to plug …

User complaining about defective router

You may consider a Starlink router replacement to increase your performance without switching to another ISP. 

To replace the Starlink router,  contact the Starlink customer support center. 

You’ll get a replacement Starlink router to plug into the dish since the dish acts as the router’s power source. 

However, getting a third-party Starlink router replacement benefits you more than the stock router. 

We’ll show you how to set up an alternative Starlink router and give you reliable recommendations. 

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Man connecting a third-party router 

Man connecting a third-party router. 

You can replace the stock Starlink router with another Starlink or an aftermarket third-party option. Each option has its pros and cons. 

In theory, Space X’s Starlink is a timely ISP delivering fast download and upload speeds, low latency, and global coverage.

Most people in far-flung areas experience sluggish speeds, high latency, or total non-coverage. 

However, the default Starlink router has some limitations that might warrant a replacement. For example, it might be impossible to establish private communication within a network if you use a Starlink router. 

Starlink routers are CGNAT-enabled.

CGNAT is an IP address allocation system that allows multiple users to share a public IPv4 address.

For Starlink users, that is not good if they use Starlink for HD online gaming, private communication, and other low-latency activities. 

Replacing your Starlink router allows you to use Starlink internet’s convenience and third-party routers not limited by CGNAT. 

Starlink router and dish in the background

Starlink router and dish in the background

If you don’t have a problem using the Starlink router and want a new one, contact Starlink

  1. Visit the Starlink website.
  2. Click Support. You will get several options to pick where your problem is. 
  3. Enter your query in the ticket request box. For example, tell Support your router is defective/broken and you would like it replaced. 
  4. Enter any attachments that could better explain your predicament. 
  5. Submit your replacement request. 

The standard response time for Starlink support requests ranges from 24 to 72 hours. 

You should expect a response acknowledging your request. Starlink support will issue a replacement order. 

  1. Check your email. You will find the details of your replacement request. The details include a confirmation, tracking number, and arrival time estimate. You will also get an RMA (return merchandise authorization). 
  2. Print out the RMA and stick it as a label on the Starlink router return box. 
  3. Put the defective Starlink router in the return box and send it to Starlink. 
  4. Once you receive your replacement Starlink router, set it up and run speed tests to see if it works. 

You can replace the Starlink router with a different router and enjoy the benefits of Starlink and better features missing in a Starlink router. 

  1. Visit the Starlink store and order the $25 Starlink ethernet adapter. The adapter is your link between the Starlink dishy and the third-party router. 
  2. Unplug the Starlink router’s power supply. 
  3. Disconnect the dish from the Starlink router. We recommend keeping the router if it is still functional. Otherwise, you can send it back for a replacement using the steps in the section above. 
  4. Insert the dish cable into the Starlink Ethernet adapter, then plug the adapter into your router. Keep the router close to where the dish cable ends so you can use only one cable. 
  5. Plug your router into the power source. It’ll take a few minutes to get a stable connection with Starlink. 
  6. Go to your Starlink App. 
  7. Open Settings and proceed to WiFi settings. 
  8. Open Bypass Mode and enable it to use the third-party router. 
  9. Open your router’s configuration app. Every router has a different configuration setup. 
  10. Set your preferred changes, such as a new WiFi ID and password, security features, and extra settings. One of the most important settings is setting up port forwarding

Port forwarding will allow you to connect with other computers in a network remotely. 

With the setup process in place, you need compatible Starlink router alternatives that perform even better than the stock router. 

You’re looking for routers with faster speed, less latency, and cover more area. 

Furthermore, the ideal replacement router should have prime security features and other conveniences lacking in the Starlink router. 

Lastly, they should be easily set up and compatible with the Starlink dish.

Premium Pick: Asus Rog Rapture Router

Yes, it’s called a gaming router. But if you are looking for a feature-packed replacement router for Starlink, it doesn’t get more premium than the GT-AX11000. 

Right off the bat, this router comes with WiFI 6 support. That’s an upgrade since Starlink routers are limited to WiFi 5 support

This router will extend your bandwidth to 11 Gbps with its 2.4 and 5 GHz bands. 

It comes with four Ethernet ports, perfect for a mesh network setup.

It’s an excellent match for Starlink, going by its dedicated 2.5 Gbps WAN port fit for the Starlink Ethernet Adapter. 

It comes with a quick setup and Bypass mode enabling. 

Lastly, it comes rich in features you won’t find in the stock Starlink router, such as the in-built VPN server, QoS, and AiProtection Pro security suite. 

Security bells and whistles include a firewall and parental control.
It provides impeccable service for gamers and streamers. 

TP-Link Smart Archer AX10 comes with Alexa support

TP-Link Smart Archer AX10 comes with Alexa support

Alexa functionality, Beamforming, OFDMA, and MU-Mimo all come packed in this Starlink router replacement alternative budget option. 

The Archer AX-10 router is WiFi 6-enabled. That alone would be enough to get you faster speeds. 

However, it also has 1024 QAM, which makes it 25% faster and more efficient in a network. 

Additionally, it is backward compatible, meaning it works with other 802.11 standards before it. 

It’ll give you up to 300 Mbps in 2.4 GHz frequency and 1201 Mbps in 5 GHz frequency. 

Like all the alternatives mentioned here, it comes with parental controls, a built-in VPN server, a firewall, and a security suite to manage malicious traffic. 

Once you hook it up to your Starlink dishy, go to the router’s Tether app. 

Tweak the configuration to your liking and enable Bypass mode.

 To widen coverage, create a mesh network with the router’s TP-Link OneMesh feature. 

Reliable: NETGEAR Nighthawk AX5400 Router

Nighthawk routers have gathered a reputation for being a no-brainer replacement for Starlink, especially when you want to enable bypassing. 

Like the Asus Rog Rapture, the AX5400 is WiFi 6 capable, offering dual-band 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands up to 5.4 Gbps bandwidth. 

It also has four Ethernet ports and a dedicated WAN port for Starlink’s Ethernet Adapter. It combines these features with an easy setup.

 You can easily toggle it into Bypass mode and enable port forwarding to perform activities that demand high speed and low latency, such as real-time trading. 

Security-wise, the Nighthawk 6-stream packs an array of features such as internal VPN, firewalls, NetGear SMART parental control, and the NetGear Armor security suite. 

The best part is the NetGear Orbi feature you can use to create a home-wide mesh network to cover dead zones. 

Furthermore, it boasts of the QoS feature that lets you experience high performance in critical applications during strained network capacity times. 

There are concerns that WiFi 6 routers might not work with Starlink’s dishes. 

However, the Starlink Ethernet Adapter makes WiFi 6 routers compatible with both dishes. 

Additionally, you must enable Bypass mode to get full compatibility between WiFi 6 routers and the Starlink dish. 

The only difference you might notice is from the dishes’ power consumption. 


Replacing a Starlink router can help you improve performance and access better services without changing the ISP. 

It is a practical solution if you are in the target area for Starlink Internet.