Switch Mount for Starlink: The Ultimate Guide

Are you wondering how you can switch mount for Starlink? Maybe you bought your service when Starlink only offered Residential plans and want to shift to another plan now that there are options.  Well, switching …

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Are you wondering how you can switch mount for Starlink? Maybe you bought your service when Starlink only offered Residential plans and want to shift to another plan now that there are options. 

Well, switching your existing Starlink plan to a new one is possible and can save you compared to purchasing a new plan from scratch. 

The best part, Starlink hardware is not tied to a particular plan, so you will not buy new ones.

 We are going to offer you a comprehensive guide on how to switch your Starlink plans. 

In addition to the Residential Plan, Starlink now offers several other plans, including RV/Roam, Business, Maritime, and Aviation. 

The steps to switch from one plan to a new one are almost the same. We offer a general guide that will help you no matter the Starlink plan you want to switch to. 

Log in to Your Account and Fill in Your Credentials

Go to the Starlink website, and on the upper part of the menu bar, click “Log In.” You will see a page prompting you to fill in your credentials. 

Manage Your Setting

Once you successfully enter your Starlink account credentials, click on “My Account” to go to the dashboard. 

On the dashboard, you will see “Your Starlinks,” below it is your current active plan with a “Manage” button next to it. 

Click on “Manage”  to enable you to manage your account settings, such as service type, service address, and add-ons, among others. 

Change Service Plan

On the dashboard, click “Change Service Plan” in the menu to access the options for converting from one plan to another. 

Click the “Change To” button to convert to your desired plan. 

You confirm the switch by clicking on the plan you are switching to. In some cases, you just click on the tick mark. 

Note: The change may take effect immediately or delay depending on the service plan you are switching to. 

If you are switching from a cheaper plan to a more expensive one, it will take effect immediately. 

For instance, when changing from Residential to Regional Roam. 

The company will factor in the number of days left in your billing cycle when making the next payment.

If it is the other way round, from Regional Roam to Residential, the change may take effect after some time. 

To be precise, it will take effect at the start of your new billing cycle. 

It is also important to note not all switch options are available on the menu. 

For instance, there is no option to switch from a Roam account to a Business Plan. 

You may wonder whether switching your existing Residential plan to an RV is worth buying a new Roam Plan.

 You can pause and resume Starlink RV anytime and use it only when you need it. And You cannot pause Starlink Residential service. 

That said, if you are not using your Residential Starlink service frequently, you can save by switching to an RV plan and using it for residential purposes only when you need it. 

Starlink RV allows you to pause service if you want to take a break from using the service. 

However, if you pause it in the middle of the month, you will still pay for the entire month.

On the downside, your monthly fees will increase by $25. 

The Residential plan costs $110 per month, while the RV plan, which will be your new plan, costs $135 per month. 

Besides, you will have to compromise speed. 

Starlink RV has a download speed of between 5-50 Mbps, while Starlink Residential Plan offers between 25-100 Mbps download speed. 

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Roam or RV doesn’t have a service address, while Residential Starlink must have a service address. 

To switch from Starlink Roam to Residential, you need to have a service address. 

Starlink usually assigns service addresses by using GPS coordinates. You can update the address later after switching the plan. 

Remember to power your Starlink dish on before initiating the switch. 

It costs nothing to make a switch. However, if you are switching from a cheaper to a more expensive plan, Starlink charges the days left on your billing cycle at the rate of the new plan. 

If you are switching from a more expensive plan to a less expensive plan, you will start paying the new monthly fees when the new plan takes effect. 

Yes, as long as you have it in the “Change Service Plan” option. When switching back, you just follow the same steps you used for the previous switch.

Starlink waitlisted areas mean the capacity of the provided hasn’t expanded to such areas. But you can make a pre-order and wait. 

In such cases, you can’t switch from Roam, and you will get an error if you try. 

Switch from RV to Residential is only possible in areas with open availability.

Can You Sell Your New Plan After Switching?

Yes,  Starlink hardware is not locked to a particular plan type. 

You can sell it and have the company transfer your account just like you would have done with the original plan. 

The buyer can also activate it to his preferred plan type as long as it is in the options. 

Switching your Starlink plan may be necessary sometimes. 

For instance, if you don’t use your Residential regularly, you can change it to an RV plan which allows you to pause the service when you don’t need it. 

Our comprehensive guide is enough to take you through the process without the hustle.