Starlink Mexico: Here is Everything You Need to Know

If you ever inquire about Stralink Mexico, we offer you everything you need to know.  Close to half the population of Mexicans don’t have proper internet access, especially in rural areas, according to the American …

Starlink Mexico

If you ever inquire about Stralink Mexico, we offer you everything you need to know. 

Close to half the population of Mexicans don’t have proper internet access, especially in rural areas, according to the American Federal government. 

For that reason, Starlink in the country can be a great boost since this service mostly targets offering high-speed internet in rural areas. 

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Starlink is already in Mexico in more than 3,000 locations with more than 1 million users, according to the company.

 Most of Mexico’s rural areas don’t have internet access and Starlink has been tasked with installing the equipment for a Federal government scheme called Internet Para Todos (Internet for all). 

Starlink confirmed that they are planning to connect not less than 1 million users with this scheme alone.

 Mexico is well-populated and has around 337 users per location. This makes Mexico a vibrant hotspot for Starlink. 

Starlink is supposed to install the Internet in strategically selected locations such as public schools, hospitals, public squares, and community spaces.

 The target group is the underserved areas in remote locations. 

Starlink is a high-speed, low-latency satellite internet. The Starlink advertises a download speed of between 25 Mbps and 220 Mbps for residential users.

 The upload speed is between 5 and 20 Mbps. 

According to the company, business users can enjoy up to 1Gbps download speed. 

However, this is not always the case in most parts of the world where they offer services. 

Several factors determine the speed you will get, including how close you are to the ground station, how many users connect to the network, and more. 

That said, most Mexican residential users report a download speed of around 100 Mbps. The upload speed ranges between 2 and 10 Mbps. 

The advertised latency is between 20 ms and 40 ms. In Mexico, the tested latency was 97 ms which looks high but is still the best among other satellite providers that we tested. 

This latency is low enough to effectively support games, video calls, and streamings. 

Starlink Internet service concept

Starlink Internet service concept

Access to Reliable Internet

Mexico ranks 56th in terms of internet access out of 121 countries.

Starlink will definitely increase to reliable network by offering access to the internet in remote areas of the country. 

Reduce the Cost of Internet access

Starlink may be expensive in some parts of the world but in Mexico, the cost seems favorable. 

Furthermore, by installing Starlink Internet in remote areas, there will be intense competition among existing Mexico internet services such as Eutelsat, SES, Apco Network, and Globalsat. 

This will lead to a drop in prices. 

Boost to the Mexican Economy

By offering reliable and fast internet speed in remote areas, it can open up rural-based businesses for the global market. 

Businesses in remote areas can now reach new customers, which can increase profits and help boost the country’s economy. 

There are costs associated with this service. The service may be expensive for residential users in the US but Mexicans tend to enjoy lower prices, and the cost keeps on going down. 

The company started offering its services in the country in 2022 after the Federal government gave them a go-ahead in June 2021.

 The cost of the hardware for the residential plan, which was set at $495 (9896 pesos) has now been reduced to $415 (8300 pesos). 

The monthly charges have also dropped by 52% from $115 (2299 pesos) to $55 ( 1100 pesos). 

Shipping at the time of this review is free of charge. However, it used to be $70 (1420 pesos) before.

 For this reason, Starlink has attracted many users in Mexico. 

According to SpaceX, Starlink is now available in most parts of Mexico for residential use. 

To get the service, just visit their website and choose the residential option that is available in Mexico. 

Fill in the name of your city and choose among the options presented. Once you get the right option for you, click on the “Confirm Order” button. 

The next step is to offer your contact information and make payment. Just follow the onscreen guide.

 If Starlink is available in your area, you can start getting the service. If it is not available, you may be included in the waitlist until the service reaches your area. 

Because Starlink is spreading fast in Mexico, you won’t stay long on the waitlist before the service reaches you. 

As mentioned before, Starlink is capable of delivering a speed of up to 1Gbps for businesses. 

This is a game changer for small businesses in Mexico as a stable internet connection enables them to take advantage of the global market. 

Opening up the global market can help increase sales and profits.

 It also levels playing fields, as those in low-populated areas can now access the same market opportunity. 

By offering small businesses reliable and fast internet access, Starlink can be a major boost to Mexico’s economy. 

Internet services in Mexico have become increasingly competitive of late. 

This has forced many companies, including Srarlink, to improve their offering so as to attract more customers and to better compete in the country. 

You can take Starlink RV service anywhere within your continent.

 For North American users, you can go with your RV to the US, Canada, Mexico, and any country on the continent.

Final Thought

Mexico’s internet connection in remote areas has been a concern to the federal government. 

However, their partnership with Elom Musk Starlink seems to be a game changer. 

The service guarantees speed and consistent internet coverage, especially in areas that are underserved.

 This project will help the government to stimulate economic growth and reduce poverty.