Dish Pause Service: What You Should Know Before You Pause or Cancel Dish Network

About Dish Pause Service, Did you know dish pause service helps you retain Dish Network service while you explore another option?  Dish Network has over 12 million subscribers. It has announced plans to acquire its …

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About Dish Pause Service, Did you know dish pause service helps you retain Dish Network service while you explore another option? 

Dish Network has over 12 million subscribers.

It has announced plans to acquire its first satellite to boost HD dish internet and satellite TV services in North America. 

Whether considering other options, going on holiday, or being unable to meet costs, you can pause Dish Network service with just a phone call.

The Dish pause service doesn’t cancel promotions or current plans. 

Find out why you should consider Dish Network and how to pause or cancel it. 

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What Is Dish Network?

Dish Network comes with a satellite dish and set-top box

Dish Network comes with a satellite dish and set-top box

If you are familiar with Blockbuster, you should know Dish Network.

It is a TV provider providing satellite TV, IPTV, and mobile wireless service.

Its two most popular offerings are direct-broadcast satellite and OTT media services

Dish Network gives you access to top-tier content such as: 

  • Animal Planet
  • BeIn Sports
  • BET
  • Boomerang
  • CNBC
  • Cartoon Network
  • Disney
  • Discovery Channel
  • Nat Geo Wild

What Does Dish Network Include?

The Dish Network, as a company, has many subsidiaries, each providing services targeting specific users. 

For example, it has Sling Tv, Dish Internet, and Blockbuster for TV and streaming.

Sling TV is an over-the-top service that brings video-on-demand content directly to viewers over the Internet.  

It’s also invested heavily in cellular services such as Boost, Ting, and Gen Mobile.

Furthermore, it includes Republic, a low-cost 5G and 4G LTE mobile service provider. 

However, the direct-broadcast satellite Dish includes a barrage of channels for the entire family tiered into four offerings. 

  • America’s Top 120 at just under $80(190 channels)
  • America’s Top 120+ at just under $95 (over 190 channels)
  • America’s Top 200 at $100 (over 240 channels)
  • America’s Top 250 at $110 (over 250 channels)

You can also get local channels such as ABC, NBC, and Fox for an additional $12.

You can opt out of them at any time. 

Why You Should Get DISH Network

Show Variety

Dish Network says it has over 80,000 TV shows and movies.

You might have to pick the premium package to enjoy the entire catalog.

Still, some prime pickings in its first tier cost under $80. 

Access To Local Networks

Local networks such as ABC, NBC, and Fox keep you in the loop about what’s happening.

While you still have to pay $12 to access them, reliable programming is a decent price. 

Long-term Low-cost Plans

Wouldn’t you hate it if you signed up for a service only for its rates to skyrocket arbitrarily?

Dish Network users sign contracts unaffected by inflation and the dish pause service.

That way, they enjoy their content worry-free. 

Dish Pause Service

You can pause Dish Network

You can pause Dish Network

Let’s say you have an upcoming long vacation.

You have a year left on your Dish Network subscription.

You don’t have to lose the remaining year for your long vacation.

The Dish Pause service lets you put a hold on the subscription for up to 6 months. 

However, it comes with a $5 fee for every month the momentary cancellation is active.

You can resume the service after the pause period.

We’ll delve into reasons to pause your Dish Network service.

But dish pause service beats losing a paid-for subscription

Promotional Discounts

We all love a discount. Dish Networks run promotions on their site to allow new customer signups.

Moreover, promotions are an enticing incentive to resume the service if you had canceled completely to check out a new network. 

Promotions are also cost-saving when too many utility bills weigh on you.  

Disadvantages Of Dish Network

Recurrent User Complaints

Disgruntled TV viewer

Disgruntled TV viewer

As with most subscription services, there’s no shortage of complaints about the network. These are the most prominent.

  • Bad signal
  • Slow or unresponsive customer service
  • Recurrent technical hitches*
  • Unexplained card charges

*Note: Dish Network suffered a ransomware attack in 2023. The ransomware attack was supposedly to blame for rampant outages for subscribers.

However, it maintains they have it under control. 

No App Functionality For Dish Pause Service

Currently, you can only pause Dish through a phone call.

Customer service can be slow. It would be better if Dish could pause the service on smartphones. 

Reasons To Cancel Dish Network

You can cancel Dish Network for any reason.

However, here are some valid reasons to cancel Dish Network for up to $20 per month remaining on your contract.

To Find Better Shows

There are more streaming services working hard to produce original content.

You might want to see what else is out there for a while without continuing to get billed for Dish Network.  

Steep Termination Penalty

Dish Internet TV is a contract-based service. Terminating the service early can attract penalties of over $400 in total.

However, pausing Dish for up to six months at only $5 a month will save you from the early termination fees. 

Hefty Bills

Life happens, and you need to cut down on some bills.

You can cancel Dish Network and shift the amount to a more pressing need for a while. 

What You Need to Know Before Pausing Your Dish Network

  • Pausing your Dish Network carries a $5 charge. 
  • The pause period does not get counted out of the total subscription time. If you pause for three months out of a 24-month contract, you will resume for the other 21 months. 
  • Any add-ons, such as premium sports channels for the season, still get charged during the pause period. However, you will not be able to watch them. 
  • Pausing your dish network doesn’t exclude your promotional offers. If you have two months left on a promotional offer, the promotion period still gets counted during the pause duration. 
  • You can still be charged for exclusive add-ons such as DVR rentals and other receiver upgrades.

Steps to Cancel Dish Network

Are you sure you’d like to cancel Dish Network? Follow these steps.

  1. Schedule an appropriate time between 7 AM and 1 AM. Alternatively, you can schedule the time between 7.30 AM and Midnight on weekends. (Hint: Later at night might be better since the service is less busy. You might get a customer service agent faster.)
  2. Have your account number on hand. The agent might ask you to verify your account. Moreover, have your original agreement, contact number, and service start date.
  3. Call the customer service number. (866-974-0769)
  4. Ask the agent to cancel your Dish Network subscription. State your reason for canceling. 
  5. The agent might transfer you to a client retention specialist that might try to negotiate an agreement to retain you. Maintain that you want to cancel. Alternatively, this is your best chance to negotiate a better deal if you cancel because of high charges.
  6. After confirming that Dish has canceled the service, check your email for confirmation. You’ll need the email to forward their equipment within 10 days. Otherwise, Dish Network can penalize you for missing equipment.
  7. After you return the equipment, recheck your mail to ensure no hidden or extra charges. 

If you’d like to pause Dish Network, repeat the above steps and insist you want to pause the service.

Tell the agent how long you’d like to pause Dish service.

Pausing doesn’t require you to mail back the Dish Network equipment.

Dish Network FAQs

Q: How do I cancel DISH without calling?

A: You cannot cancel Dish without calling a customer service agent on 866-974-0769

Q:  What is the best time to cancel Dish Network?

A: The best time to cancel Dish Network is when the service is due for renewal. You avoid early termination fees. However, you can cancel at ANY TIME. 

Q: What happens when you cancel Dish Network?

A: You will be charged a termination fee when you cancel Dish Network. Service will stop, and Dish will need back their equipment. 

Q: Does Dish Network take their DISH back?

A: Dish Network takes their Dish back when you terminate your subscription.

You will incur a penalty if you damage or do not return the dish. 

Final Thoughts

Feeling unsatisfied with Dish Network’s current programming offerings?

You can pause or cancel the service.

It’s also the perfect time to renegotiate a more affordable plan or a discount.