Starlink Accessories: What You Need to Connect to Satellite Internet

Starlink accessories help improve your installation. There are different types of accessories, and your home determines the accessories you will use. Some considerations when installing Starlink include the place you will mount your dish. Essentials …

A satellite dish mounted on a wall

Starlink accessories help improve your installation.

There are different types of accessories, and your home determines the accessories you will use.

Some considerations when installing Starlink include the place you will mount your dish.

Essentials to connect all your devices and how you want the cables in the house.

Starlink has an official store with all the essentials to help you install your internet connection.

However, knowing the necessary accessories can be challenging if you use the service for the first time.

This article covers Starlink accessories and how you can order them. 

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Starlink uses radio signals.

To use Starlink internet, mount the dish in a clear place without obstructions.

If you cannot see the sky clearly, you must elevate your Starlik dish to avoid obstructions. 

Mounts help elevate dishes and are the most common Starlink store accessories.

The Starlink hardware kit has a base but is unsuitable for permanent installation.

You can choose various mounting accessories depending on where you want to mount your dish.

These mounting accessories will help you install your dish in any place.

The long wall mount is ideal for securing your dish to an exterior wall.

It has a long neck that extends beyond overhanging obstructions or gables, providing enough clearance.

It’s easy to install the Starlink long wall mount.

Additionally, it has the necessary mast mount and cable routing for the Starlink dish.

The short wall mount is similar to the long one but has a shorter reach. You can mount it to a roof fascia.

The short wall mount lets you put your Starlink dish at roof height without drilling through hard surfaces.

You may require extra accessories, such as silicone sealant, lag screws, and wall clips, during installation.

Satellite dish mounted on a roof fascia

Satellite dish mounted on a roof fascia

This mount is perfect for installing your dish on a shingled roof.

It is waterproof and fits perfectly under shingles.

You can put an extra cable in its base for a neat cable connection.

The Starlink flashing mount has a lid and mounting base.

It also offers lock nuts, screws, tracing tools, truss head screws, Tek screws, and sealing washers.

Installing this kit can be difficult.

Thus you may seek the services of a professional or use additional equipment.

Use the Starlink pivot mount to place your dish on an angled surface.

It is perfect for different roof surfaces except clay, tile, or slate roofs.

After installing the pivot mount, attach the dish to its base and pivot it upwards.

The pivot mount features an adjustable connector which you can use to set the dish at the right angle.

The pivot mount has lag screws and sealing tape that prevent roof leaks.

Ground Pole Mount

The Starlink ground pole is necessary if you cannot mount your dish on the roof or any high point.

The ground pole mount has two pieces that give it a higher reach and is challenging if you plan to DIY.

It requires digging a hole, mixing concrete, and installing it on the earth’s surface.

The pipe adapter has a metal cuff fitted into an existing structure.

The pipe adapter is very easy-to-use and fits perfectly on different materials.

Satellite dish on top of a building

Satellite dish on top of a building

Tripod Mounting Accessory

This Starlink mounting accessory is beneficial in two situations.

First, it’s a temporary mounting solution that you can move around.

Secondly, it provides more height than the pivot mount.

You use bolts or spikes to hold it in both situations.

Chimney Mount

The chimney mount uses a strap and bracket system, which makes mounting your Starlink dish easy.

This amount is beneficial because it requires no drilling and holds up well in bad weather.

The straps can fit any chimney; you must be careful because they are sharp.

Network Accessories

Here are essential network accessories you can use with Starlink service.

Starlink router supports no ethernet ports because it uses a wireless connection.

The Starlink ethernet adapter is suitable for users who want a hard-wired connection.

Additionally, it is necessary if you want to use another router.

The round Starlink dish comes with an ethernet port.

But with the rectangular Starlink dish, you must get it as an accessory.

Ethernet adapter

Ethernet adapter

Using a mesh network system gives you a strong network.

A mesh WiFi system uses network nodes that provide excellent internet to all parts of your house.

The mesh WiFi system works differently depending on your dish.

With the round dish, you can connect the mesh system to the white port on your router.

Buying the ethernet adapter for the rectangular dish to connect with the mesh network system would be best.

Cable Routing Kit

The cable routing kit provides a neat way to connect Starlink to your home.

It comprises clips, bits, a routing tool, and sealant to set the connection.

This kit is suitable where installation involves a building made of concrete.

It drills through concrete and offers an easy route to your cable connection.

Using the masonry routing kit can be daunting.

Furthermore, you may include other accessories during installation.

When you order from Starlink, they will ship your Starlink dish with a replacement cable. It connects your dish to the router

These cables are thick and come in various lengths.

They also comprise an ethernet cable with proprietary ports.

You can only get a replacement cable from the Starlink shop.

The following are Starlink store accessories for RV users.

RV Ladder Mount Kit

The RV ladder mount kit is a quick setup ladder for RV owners to mount their Starlinks.

It’s easy to assemble, and you can complete this setup in under 20 minutes.

The Starlink travel case protects and makes it easier to transport your equipment.

It also has room for other Starlink accessories, such as the router, cables, and mount.

It is extremely handy for Starlink RV users who regularly mount and unmount their dishes.

The size of the Starlink travel case is 25″x16″x 12″.

If you want to order any Starlink accessory, it’s better to use Starlink’s official shop.

Starlink shop becomes accessible when a pre-order is converted to a full order.

If you order from an area with no waiting list, you will access the Starlink shop immediately.

However, if you are on Starlink’s waiting list, you may have to wait until they convert your pre-order to a full order.


After you purchase any Starlink equipment, it becomes your property.

You can use it as you want. You can either sell or give it away.

Yes, you can connect an Ethernet cable to Starlink.

The round dish features an ethernet port in the power adapter.

But if you have the rectangular dish, you must buy the ethernet adapter, which you will plug into Starlink. 

Yes, Starlink supports Mesh networks.

For this system to work and provide excellent network strength, you must use an ethernet adapter.


The above Starlink accessories provide access to satellite internet.

When shopping for accessories, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Some accessories, such as Starlink Ethernet Adapter, are only available from the Starlink shop.

Conversely, you can find other things like mounts from online retailers or Amazon.

Before purchasing any accessory, you should check all the options and choose based on your needs.