Does Starlink Throttle Data? Here is What to Know

Many internet users often ask, does Starlink Throttle data? After all, most internet service providers (ISPs) have data caps on internet usage.  Since Starlink has over 1 million subscribers, many would expect them to throttle …

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Many internet users often ask, does Starlink Throttle data? After all, most internet service providers (ISPs) have data caps on internet usage.

 Since Starlink has over 1 million subscribers, many would expect them to throttle data as part of the company’s fair use policy. 

Why Starlink does have hard data caps, the firm might impose a priority data limit. 

Based on your service plan, you might experience slower data speed during high network traffic. 

This guide explains why Starlink throttles data and how to overcome this issue. 

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What is Data Throttling?

Data throttling is when your ISP deliberately slows your internet connection if you exceed your data limit. 

Most ISPs have data caps and won’t hesitate to throttle your connection speed if your usage exceeds the set restrictions. 

Service providers take this step for several reasons. Firstly, throttling helps manage network resources among all subscribers, especially during peak hours.

 It ensures fair usage among all subscribers based on supply and demand. 

If you often use a lot of data, your ISP might throttle the connection to prevent network congestion. 

The ISP might limit data speed to a single line. Instead, they might distribute it evenly to all subscribers using the internet. 

If done appropriately, you might not notice data throttling. 

Does Starlik Throttle Speed?

Starlink throttle data and, therefore, speed. However, the caps are not as hard-hitting as other ISPs. The move is usually temporary. 

Starlink strives to distribute data among all subscribers fairly and equitably. However, you might experience a slowdown during peak usage hours. 

Starlink might throttle your speed if you constantly exceed the allocated bandwidth. 

While Starlink assigns unlimited data to residential customers on the Standard service plan, the company will throttle your data if you use more than a typical residential user.

 However, Starlink does not specify how much data is too much.

They only advise users to limit bandwidth-intensive applications such as gaming, video streaming, and downloading large files. 

Customers on the priority service plan do not experience throttling. 

In any case, this internet plan is for high-demand users: these include businesses, government agencies, educational institutions, and companies. 

When a priority service customer exceeds the allocated data, they can purchase additional data or upgrade their plans to continue enjoying consistent speed without throttling.

 If you don’t buy extra data when you exhaust priority data, Starlink will allocate you unlimited data for the remainder of your billing cycle. 

However, you will experience throttling speed and reduced performance. 

Mobile data plan customers might experience throttling depending on their geographical locations.

 Browsing in congested areas will often lead to data throttling. 

Starlink may also throttle your speed if you connect during peak hours, are in motion, or are accessing the service in the ocean. 

You can upgrade to a mobile priority service plan for unmetered speeds. However, Starlink might throttle your rate if you exhaust your mobile data priority. 

Starlink subscribers enjoy the fastest internet connection speed. The download rate ranges from 25 to 220 Mbps, while the upload speed is 5 to 25 Mbps.

 With these impressive stats, one might wonder, why does Stralink throttle speed?

Well, it all has to do with the fair use policy. To ensure fair and equitable data distribution, Starlink might throttle your connection speed.

 Here are other reasons that may force the service to take measures to throttle your data connection. 

Service Plan Requirements

Starlink has four service plans, each with different performance and data requirements. 

Since each customer has varying data needs, Starlink might throttle data to other customers to ensure fair and equitable usage. 

High-bandwidth users on priority service plans will receive more data than those on standard service plans. 

Network Integrity

Starlink might throttle speed for some customers to maintain network integrity.

The company may analyze traffic patterns to prevent the distribution of malicious code and viruses through the service.

Degrading data speed can also help mitigate network congestion and optimize data services for everyone on the Starlink network. 

Balancing Supply and Demand

Starlink is increasingly becoming popular. After all, they have the largest satellite constellation with coverage in more than 60 countries so far.

The availability is spreading very fast. 

As Stralink’s user base expands, they must manage network resources appropriately.

These measures entail balancing between the supply and demand for internet services.

As such, you might experience secondary data throttling during peak hours. 

A view of Starlink satellite constellation at night 

A view of Starlink satellite constellation at night 

Traffic Management

Starlink might limit your connection speed based on the content of your data and current application.

Consistently using high bandwidth applications during peak hours might lead to data throttling.

The company wants to ensure all subscribers enjoy equality without discrimination. 

Tips on How to Avoid Data Throttling

Data throttling can be an inconvenience when you need internet service the most.

After all, you never know when Starlink will restore regular services after the temporary data cap.

However, you can avoid throttling on Stralink using the following tips:

Connect During Off-peak Hours

Connecting during off-peak hours is the most effective way to avoid throttling.

As mentioned before, Starlink often throttles data during peak usage hours.

Connecting when the network is not busy can help you overcome this issue. 

Monitor Usage

Another way to overcome data throttling is to monitor your internet usage. Ensure you connect to the web only when necessary.

Consider limiting the hours your household or business spends connected to the internet. This way, you will not exhaust your allocated data cap easily.

Upgrade to Higher Service

Starlink has higher plans from high bandwidth users.

Consider upgrading to this service plan to enjoy consistent download or upload speed without data throttling. ‘


Using virtual private network (VPN) software can prevent Stralink from monitoring your incoming and outgoing traffic.

That way, the service provider won’t know how much data you have used. 

Final Thought

Starlink throttle data depends on usage. Your service plan doesn’t matter. However, some data plans are more likely to experience throttling than others.

For instance, the standard service plan offers unlimited data but is more prone to throttling than priority data plans. 

Subscribers on the mobile service plan may experience throttled speeds based on their geographical locations and overall usage.

In any case, Starlink does not guarantee coverage and availability of their service in all areas.

High bandwidth users in motion or ocean might experience throttled data.

Fortunately, you can avoid data throttling by monitoring your usage and connecting during off-peak hours.