Starlink Guest Network: Do You Need It?

The Starlink guest network enables you to create a separate WiFi router for your friends and family to connect.  This ensures security in your home internet connection as it limits the chances of unauthorized people …

A modern black WiFi router

The Starlink guest network enables you to create a separate WiFi router for your friends and family to connect. 

This ensures security in your home internet connection as it limits the chances of unauthorized people accessing your internet information and your devices being hacked. 

Since Starlink router doesn’t offer this functionality, you will need a third-party router to help set up a guest network. 

Now, the main challenge is how to set it up. We offer you a guide and the benefits of having a guest network.  

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The gest network option will be necessary when using Starlink for the following reasons:

Securely offer your guest WiFi Access

As the name implies, a guest WiFi network is meant for your guests.

 It is a great option for allowing your guest to securely access your Starlink WiFi network without risking your security and privacy.

 Sharing your main router password with anyone visiting your home can put you at risk. 

Besides, if any of your guests carry an infected device that can potentially compromise your connection to the main WiFi network, guest WiFi can help you isolate them.

 You will also connect your guests to the network without worrying about them accessing the WiFi portal. 

The guest network has its password, so you don’t share your WiFi password with the guest when using this feature. 

Separate Internet of Things (IoT) Device

If you have IoT-enabled devices and equipment, such as smart cameras, plugs, etc., in your home, just know that such devices pose network security infringement.

 Internet of Things devices are easy targets for hackers. 

They can access the devices and use them to bypass the security features and access other devices connected to the network. 

Therefore, the Federal Bureau of Investigation recommends setting up such devices on a separate internet network from user devices. 

When set on a separate network, only IoT-enabled devices will be compromised in case of hacking. 

That guest network function on your third-party router can help prevent hackers from finding their way to some of your devices, such as smartphones and computers. 

Set a Separate Network for Your Kids

You connect your kids to a guest router network and use the Starlink router to keep your devices safe from your kids’ online activities. 

This can also help you control kids’ access to adult content. Several routers can offer the ability to create content restrictions on the network. 

Some even come with third-party parental control, which is additional functionality. 

With this feature, you can lock down what you don’t want your kids to access online without compromising your access. 

Reduce Device to Device Communication

Nearly all routers have client isolations enabled on your guest network by default. 

This feature can help you connect your devices separately or use a guest network.

 However, not everyone has the expertise to manually set up client isolation using firewall rules.

 Using the guest network is a great option if you are one of them. Guest networks come with a preconfigured setup, so setting it is hassle-free. 

Separate Home from Office Devices

If you have sensitive information on your computer or you are running an online business from home, you may consider separating your home from your work devices. 

You don’t want a situation where your kids or someone at your workplace access and tamper with your sensitive information. 

Starlink router doesn’t have guest network capability, so you will have to purchase a third-party router that meets your needs to set up a guest network in your home. 

To connect your main router to the third-party router, you will need a Starlink Ethernet adapter since Starlink routers lack an Ethernet port. 

You use a Starlink adapter for this job because third-party adapters may not be compatible with the system. The adapter is available at the Starlink shop for just $25. 

Unplug the Starlink router power cord from the socket and remove Starlink from the router port.

 Connect the adapter cable to the port where you removed the Starlink cable. Connect the Starlink cable to the adapter.

 Then, your third-party router cable to the Ethernet port on the adapter using the Ethernet cable included with most routers. 

Turn the “Bypass Mode” in the Starlink app on. 

This will turn off your Stralink router’s WiFi and routing functions so that the secondary router takes over. 

Power the main router and allow the bypass Starlink to activate the secondary router. 

You can now enjoy an internet connection on a third-party router separate from the main Stralink router.

A man plugging Ethernet cable into a router

A man plugging an Ethernet cable into a router

You can use almost any router option with Starlink. You can use the basic consumer router, advanced business-grade routers, and mesh WiFi routers

However, not every router works the same. So, we have decided to suggest a few routers that we have tested and verified to work well with Starlink. 

For a less affordable router that you can use with Starlink effectively, we recommend TP-Link Archer AX10 WiFi6 Router.

 It is a bit simple, featuring a dual radio band rather than a tri-band. However, with the WiFi6 support, it offers a faster speed. 

Another great option is the Netgear Nighthawk 6-Stream AX5400 WiFi 6 Router

With this router, you also get WiFi 6 technology, which enables faster speed than your Starlink router offers. It is a dual-band radio with 25 25-device limit. 

You can go for premium routers like ASUS ROG Rapture for the best performance

It guarantees large file transfer and the highest speed for gaming, among other internet activities. The router also has WiFi6 support and a triband radio. 

As Starlink router has limited functionalities, including the inability to set up a guest network, the guest network is very important for your internet security, especially if you usually connect many people to your network. 

However, you can connect an aftermarket router with guest network functionality to your Stralink router via an Ethernet adapter.  

We have clarified how this can be done and offer you the benefits of having a guest network. 

If you have more questions about the Starlink guest network, please get in touch with us via email or websites. We are happy to help you.