Starlink Return Policy: Everything You Need to Know

Starlink’s return policy is one of the best offers you will appreciate from SpaceX.  You can test Starlink services in your area for 30 days, and if you are not satisfied, you cancel your subscription …

Starlink kit placed on flat ground

Starlink’s return policy is one of the best offers you will appreciate from SpaceX. 

You can test Starlink services in your area for 30 days, and if you are not satisfied, you cancel your subscription and get a refund. 

But how does it work?

We will show you everything you may need to know about this offer. 

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Starlink’s return policy enables you to return if you are unsatisfied with the service.

Starlink hardware, such as kits and other accessories. 

The hardware must be undamaged and returned within 30 days from the date of purchase. 

Though the company also accepts returns made within 12 months,  you can only get a partial refund. 

The refund amount depreciates as you move further from the 30 days of purchase. 

Once the company processes your request, they will refund the account you used to purchase Starlink equipment. 

Note that the refund applies even if you’re on the waitlist.

You cancel and get refunded. 

Will You Incur Additional Costs During the Return Policy?

You may incur some charges even if you are eligible for a refund within 30 days.

Some of the charges that may be deducted from your refund amount include the following: 

First Month Service

Billing starts after 14 days from the day you get your Starlink service.

It doesn’t matter the number of days you’ve used Starlink; you will be billed for the whole month after 14 days. 

That said, it is prudent to start returning the kit before days elapse to avoid the whole month’s fees. 

The company can still accept your Starlink kit with some minor damages. However, you won’t get a full refund. 

You will be responsible for damages. If the company finds your equipment damaged, it will deduct some amount from your refund.

But if it is badly damaged, it may get rejected, which means no refund.

If you cancel your order while on the waitlist, you will incur cancellation charges. 

Shipping and Handling Fees

Starlink has terms when it comes to shipping.

Their shipping fees range between $40 and $50, depending on your location. 

The shipping fees may not apply to pre-orders or those on the waitlist.

You may only get a refund if you properly package the satellite dish and other accessories. 

Remember to cancel the Starlink service to get the return label you will stamp on the Starlink kit box. 

The company will send the return label to your email once you cancel the service. 

  • Open the Starlink phone app and click setting
  • Then go to “Starlink Action” and tab “Stow.”
  • After this, the leg will retract

If that is a bit challenging, you can consider doing it manually as follows:

  • First, power the Starlink dish while removing the metal base
  • Please take out the antenna and place it on the ground
  • Ensure the antenna is lying flat with the leg facing up 
  • After some time, the mast will turn into a stow position
  • Turn off the power
  • Once the mast is in the stow position, pack everything into the original Starlink box. 
  • Use duct tape to seal the package
  • Print the return label and place it on the box
  • Drop your parcel at the appropriate location 

Canceling your Starlink application is one minute, and you can do it any time.

You can cancel via the Android and iOS app, the Starlink website, or PayPal.

 Whichever channel you use, you will receive a return label in your email that you will print and stamp on the Starlink kit box.

Canceling on Android or iOS app

Open the app and click on the menu.

You will see payment and subscription- click on the subscription. 

The subscription menu will present the “Starlink subscription” option. Click on it and choose the cancel tab. 

You will receive a message confirmation in your email indicating you have successfully canceled your Starlink order. 

Log in to the official Starlink website.

Once on the site, click on the subscription you want to cancel.

Click “manage,” then click on “cancel service.” 

Canceling on PayPay

You can log in to your Starlink account through PayPal.

Go to settings, then on “Payment,” click “manage automatic payment.” 

On the search board, type Starlink then clicks “cancel the automatic payment.” 

When will You Get Your Refund?

If your item meets the criteria upon inspection, Starlink will send you a refund within 7-10 days of SpaceX receiving your request for a refund. 

The refund is usually sent to your original method of payment.

If you are the rightful owner, you can sell your Starlink dish and have the company activate it for the new owner. 

In terms of service, the company demands that the person buying Starlink should be in an area with the good network coverage. 

A Starlink dish on house roof

A Starlink dish on the house roof

Starlink offers up to 30 days to test their service; if unsatisfied, you can return the items and have a full refund. 

Starlink network coverage varies depending on location, so this is a great way to test their service.