Starlink Vs Sky Muster: Which One is Better for You?

Deciding between Starlink vs Sky Muster has been a challenge for many people. If you are one of them, this article makes everything easy. Though relatively new, Starlink has taken the market by storm due …

Starlink network

Deciding between Starlink vs Sky Muster has been a challenge for many people.

If you are one of them, this article makes everything easy.

Though relatively new, Starlink has taken the market by storm due to its high speed and low latency compared to other types of satellites. 

Muster, however, is a well-established provider that has been around for years and still compares well with new inventions like Starlink.

So which one should you choose?

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Starlink is the latest satellite version from SpaceX.

The company introduced this version to improve internet coverage in remote areas.

For that reason, it offers a better speed and lower latency compared to traditional options such as Hughesnet and Viasat

The technology utilizes the satellite launched in low earth orbit to reduce the distance the signal has to cover from the sky to the dish.

This reduces the chances of external interference, which is why a lower latency and better speed exist. 

Satellite broadbands in low Earth orbit

NBN Sky Muster Satellite Internet: What is it?

NBN Sky Muster is a satellite internet provider that uses two satellites, Sky Muster and Sky Muster II, to provide high-speed broadband internet service in remote areas of Australia.

It offers a good download and uploads speed ideal for people living in remote areas where traditional internet connection cannot be accessed. 

You must install a satellite dish in an appropriate location to effectively get a satellite signal, like in the case of Starlink. 

Starlink and Sky Muster differ in several aspects, including design, satellite number, orbit latitude, speed, size, latency, and weight. 


Solar panels power both Starlink and Sky Muster.

However, they have different designs. In terms of appearance, Starlink satellites look like yachts.

Sky Muster satellites are larger with a design similar to that of conventional satellites. 

Satellites Number

Currently, Starlink offers 2,700 satellites that orbit the Earth.

However, SpaceX has promised to launch up to 12,000 to enhance global connectivity.

Sky Muster has only two satellites that move above Australia.

Though Starlink has 400 Starlink that orbit around Australia, the two offered by Sky Muster have a higher orbit to offer better internet coverage in Australia.


Starlink internet is faster than NBN Sky Muster satellite internet.

The average download speed for Starlink Internet is around 102 Mbps, and the upload speed is 10 Mbps.

Sky Muster’s download speed is 25 Mbps, while the upload speed is 5 Mbps.

Fixed wireless plans offer a maximum speed of 75 Mbps for download.

That said, Starlink and Sky Muster speed still fall short of what AT&T connections, such as fiber optic, will offer you.


Starlink has the potential for worldwide coverage.

Though its coverage is still limited, it is still better than that of Sky Muster.

That said, Sky Muster boasts 500,000 household coverage in Australia.

Orbit Altitude

As mentioned before, Sky Muster has only two satellites.

However, the high orbit enables these two satellites to have maximum internet coverage in Australia.

In contrast, to cover all over Australia, Starlink will need hundreds of satellites because they are in low earth orbit.


Latency is when a signal travels between the satellites in space and the dish in your compound.

Starlink satellites are in low earth orbit, which enables the signal to travel a shorter distance to the dish.

This reduces the level of external interference making its average latency as low as 42ms. 

In contrast, Sky Muster satellites are further from the Earth’s surface, making the signals travel a longer distance from the satellites to the dish.

That is why it has a latency as high as 600ms.

Weight and Size

Sky Muster has a large communication satellite measuring around 6.4m tall and 3.7m wide, with a mass of 6,400kg.

Each Starlink satellite measures around 4m in height and 1.8m wide, with a mass of 260kg. 


You must pay $599 for the Starlink kit containing all the accessories for Starlink Internet. Once installed, you will start paying a monthly service fee of $99.

Buying Sky Muster equipment costs around $345, including modem, dish, and installation.

The monthly charges vary between $37-$65 depending on the plans.

That said, Starlink tends to be more expensive compared to Sky Muster. 


Starlink is better than Sky Muster in many aspects. It connects faster, has lower latency and a wider coverage.

However, for someone in Australia, you may find Sky Muster more useful as it has better coverage.

Who Should Get a Sky Muster Satellite?

You should consider Sky Muster if you live in rural Australia.

The provider has great coverage nationwide, with around 500,000 households already covered.

Which Service Offers Unlimited Internet?

Starlink offers fast-speed internet with unlimited data.

This is what sets it apart from most of its competitors. 

Wrap Up

Starlink and Sky Muster aim to solve the internet issue in remote areas, and the future is bright.

Your location in Australia now doesn’t matter; you can access Sky Muster.

However, Starlink guarantees a better speed, lower latency, and even better global coverage shortly.