Starlink Australia: Revolutionizing Connectivity and Broadband Access

Starlink Australia has been one of the most common inquiries in the recent past as potential customers seek to know about the availability, speed and more.  Internet connectivity in remote and rural parts of Australia …

Starlink satellite train around the Earth

Starlink Australia has been one of the most common inquiries in the recent past as potential customers seek to know about the availability, speed and more.

 Internet connectivity in remote and rural parts of Australia has been a problem for long. 

However, Starlink is one of the projects that is revolutionizing the internet state in the country. 

At first, it was only limited to some parts of Australia, including Victoria and NSW. 

However, with technological advancement, all parts of Australia can now enjoy these services.

Starlink is an internet delivery system that offers high-speed net and is more responsive. It works with a satellite technology system. 

Its closeness to the earth makes it unique and different from the others. 

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A subscription to Starlink in Australia costs up to $139. However, this is not the only amount you will need. 

A hardware one-time fee of $599 should also be in your budget. You will also incur shipping charges, which may vary according to your location.

Businesses have a different package that is more advanced and has priority data. 

They enjoy higher speeds and two times the antenna connectivity compared to the standard plan. 

Their charge may go up to $4500 monthly. However, you will incur a one-time fee of around $2,500 for the hardware.

Starlink has several advantages compared to other internet providers, which include the following:

  •  It offers internet in remote and rural areas where other traditional broadband providers cannot reach. 
  •  It is not dependent on territorial infrastructure, including physical networks, systems, and facilities. It depends on satellites, which makes it reliable to those with limited access to the internet.
  • The speed it delivers is very high compared to the traditional satellite providers. It can effectively support streaming and gaming much better than its competitors. 
  • Reduces the cost of installation since you can install it by yourself. 
  • Lowers risk of environmental damage and pollution caused by building the infrastructure to install internet services.

One good thing with Starink is that you can do the installation by yourself. 

Starlink mobile app that uses augmented reality is available for Android and Apple iOS users and can assist you in positioning the dish. 

With it, you can identify areas with obstructions and avoid them. 

Once you have identified the location, then you proceed to install. The Starlink kit has a dish, mounting base, cable, wireless router, and a wireless router code. 

Assemble and install the dish. You can browse through our website to learn more. 

It is advisable to mount your dish temporarily to be sure it works well in the location, then fix it permanently. 

Once everything is in place, power it up and the antenna will automatically start searching for the satellite to connect to. 

Open your Wi-Fi settings and connect to the Starlink. You will have to name your network and give it a password. 

The mobile app will help you in configuration and manage your internet connection.

Starlink antenna for receiving signal placed on the ground

Starlink antenna for receiving signal placed on the ground

Starlink offers high internet speed, which is what all users want. Here is what you should expect your download speed, upload and latency to range when in Australia. 

  • For standard: Download speed is 5-100 Mbps, upload speed 5-10mbps, latency 25-50ms
  • Priority: Download speed 40-220 mbps, upload speed 8-25mbps, latency 25-50ms
  • Mobile: Download speed 5-50mbps, upload speed 2-10mbps, latency 99ms
  • Median: Download speeds are 66.59 Mbps, upload speed 7.74mbps
A view of Starlink satellite at night

A view of Starlink satellite at night

While Starlink has been positively embraced and has proved to be bridging the gap between rural and urban area’s internet connectivity in Australia, there are some drawbacks to it. 

They include the following:

Network Congestion

Starlink’s demand in Australia is higher than its network capacity. 

This situation has resulted in many people connecting to the internet within a location which interferes with the speed.

 When a lot of people compete for the same network in an area, the internet speed can be low.

 There are also cases where the service is complete and new orders are not being taken. Several customers, therefore, end up on the waitlist.


Starlink internet costs are high compared to other internet providers. 

You pay what looks like hefty one-time hardware fees, followed by a monthly fee that is higher than most of its competitors. Shipping and tax charges also apply. 

Starlink doesn’t send their equipment with an installer, so if you buy a higher one, you will incur an added cost.

Weather Sensitivity and Reliability

Starlink has been vigorously tested to withstand harsh weather conditions, but it still faces some challenges. 

For instance, in heavy rain, snow, and ice, the signals might get lost for some time.

Confirm the Availability of the Service: You can check the eligibility of your area by entering your address on the Starlink website. If the service is available in your location, sign up. 

Sign Up: When signing up, you will need to use your mobile number. This is where they will communicate in case of any problem with your account. 

You will also need a web email address for extra contact information and a Google Plus code for your exact location.

Once the company confirms your information, you proceed to buy the equipment. You can order it directly from Stirling or other resellers.

Final Thought

The advancement and development of Starlink in Australia has brought a new era of connectivity.

 The gap between rural and urban areas is slowly vanishing. 

People in remote areas can now comfortably work from home, view videos, and attend online classes; businesses are growing and can stream things online.

 The future is, therefore, bright with Australia empowered and every individual connected.