Who Owns Starlink? The Face Behind this Popular Satellite Network

With Starlink’s reputation rapidly gaining traction, many people now ask, who owns Starlink? Many satellite internet providers come and fall along the way.  Some rebranded in a bid to change their fortunes. In contrast, Starlink’s …

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With Starlink’s reputation rapidly gaining traction, many people now ask, who owns Starlink? Many satellite internet providers come and fall along the way. 

Some rebranded in a bid to change their fortunes. In contrast, Starlink’s star continues to shine as it expands its borders globally.

That is not all. The company expects to generate over $8 billion in revenue by the end of 2023.

 Considering this, it is unsurprising that many want to know more about Starlink owners. This article reveals the face behind this successful satellite network provider. 

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Elon Musk is the founder, CEO, and majority shareholder of SpaceX. This privately held conglomerate comprises several subsidiaries, including Starlink. 

Since Elon Musk has a 47.4% controlling stake in SpaceX, he is automatically the presumed owner of Starlink. 

SpaceX has several notable private investors and shareholders. In case you didn’t know, a shareholder has the right of ownership in a company. 

Google, Threshold Ventures, Valor Equity Partners, Founders Fund, and Capricorn are examples of SpaceX investors. 

They have controlling stakes ranging from 5% to 10%. That said, it is safe to say these firms are minority owners of Starlink through SpaceX. 

The only defining factor is that Elon Musk holds 78.3% of the voting rights of SpaceX.

 The high voting share percentage means Elon Musk has absolute control. These decision-making powers make him the de-facto owner of Starlink and other SpaceX subsidiaries. 

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Starlink is a low-latency satellite internet service operated by SpaceX. In short, Starlink is a subsidiary of SpaceX and not a separate company. 

However, SpaceX doesn’t sell Stralink directly to customers. 

Principally, you don’t have to go through SpaceX to purchase Starlink internet service. 

Starlink has a separate website for interested buyers to explore and buy the service. 

For one thing, you can only contact Starlink support, rather than SpaceX if you want to make orders or have connection issues. SpaceX focuses on designing and building spacecraft and rockets rather than providing internet services. 

You can also find third-party sellers that deal with used Stralink dishes. These include websites such as eBay and Amazon. 

At this time, you cannot buy Starlink stock. SpaceX is a private company with no initial public offering (IPO).

 And remember, Starlink is not a separate company from SpaceX but rather a division within the company.

Members of the public cannot buy Starlink stock since it is not a publicly traded company. It has no shares to trade on public exchange in the first place.

 That said, you will have to wait for Starlink to go public in an IPO to buy stock. 

While Stralink remains a product of SpaceX, plans are underway to spin it off as a separate company. 

Elon Musk, the Starlink owner, announced SpaceX intends to turn Starlink into a public company. 

However, the possibility of Stralink going public depends on its financial sustainability. After all, it is a relatively new internet service. 

And as with all new businesses, accurately predicting cash flow can be overwhelming. 

Besides, an IPO has high initial costs and numerous distractions. Elon Musk claims these intricacies conflict with the company’s ambitions. 

For these reasons, SpaceX prefers to remain private in the meantime. 

Nevertheless, Elon Musk promises to take Starlink public once they can accurately predict its economic viability. 

Starlink is a highly successful satellite internet service provider. Many would like to invest in the service, given its lucrative revenue potential. 

Unfortunately, Starlink remains part of SpaceX for now. 

Since SpaceX is a private company, there is little chance of investing in Starlink. 

However, you can still invest in Starlink. Just contact the company directly for an investment opportunity or invest through a venture capital fund. 

The capital involved in buying a stake in SpaceX and its subsidiaries may be much. But if you can afford the capital, investing in Stralink can be a lucrative business. 

A stock symbol is a unique identifier, usually a series of letters representing a security traded on a stock exchange market. 

These letter abbreviations identify a stock belonging to a publicly traded company. 

So, does Starlink have a stock symbol? No. Since Starlink is not a publicly traded company, it doesn’t have a stock symbol or Starlink price chart. 

The Final Thought

No doubt, Stralink has emerged as the most prominent satellite internet service provider. 

While other companies, such as Google and Valor Equity Partners, hold stakes in Starlink through SpaceX, Elon Musk remains the presumed owner. 

The SpaceX CEO has an unassailable equity share with over 78% voting control. He solely decides the direction the company takes with its products. 

Since Stralin is not a publicly traded company, you cannot get shares in the service. 

Currently, the only way to have a piece of the cake is to invest as an individual in a private arrangement with SpaceX. 

Alternatively, you may have to wait for Starlink to spin off a separate company with an IPO to buy stock.